24 Jan 2023Mont Marte

Emily Viski (@emandthelittlejemstudio) has always been creative, but it wasn’t until recently that she followed her passion and took the plunge to become a fully-fledged artist. She’s open and honest about her creative journey and she hasn’t faced it alone, Emily took inspiration from her little artists, Jemima and Ellie and encourages them to get creative with her.

We asked the Yarra Valley artist, for her tips for creating with kids, where she looks to for inspiration and her new Teddy Bear project, that’s designed to spread love and kindness. 

Artist Emily Viski smiling and holding 5 year old daughter Jemima, in a creative space in a house.

How did you discover your creative style?

This is an interesting question because I don’t really believe in having a style so to speak, I would say my love of colours has always been present in my life and that shows in my art, but I don’t believe in sticking to one style of painting because I don’t want to feel like I’m boxed in. I want to keep my creative practice as playful as possible and not feel limited in what I can and can’t do, because it may not be my style.  

Are you a solo artist or do you collaborate with others?

I am a solo artist, but I’m always open to collaborative projects with others. 

Abstract, pop art style painting of three dogs in different poses with the word Pablo.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I love this question because I find myself surrounded by inspiration, it can be in the simplest things from the patterns on my bed, to the food I’m eating. Living in the Yarra Valley, my daily walks are a great source of inspiration, I love being by the mountains and surrounded by nature. 

Do you plan your work out or rather jump in and learn as you go?

I’m definitely a jump in and go kind of person, if something’s not working, I just paint over it. I learn by doing and I believe you just have to make lots and lots of art, try not to worry about the outcome, just enjoy the creative process. 

Artist Emily Viski smiling and holding an artwork of a dog drawn in an abstract, cartoon style.

We love that! How often do you create alongside your little artists, Ellie and Jemima?

 Jemima and I recently collaborated on a painting for my solo exhibition which was a lot of fun. Kids are the best artists and can teach us so much. Ellie is still a bit little to get involved, at this age, but she loves holding a pencil or a crayon and making marks which is exciting.

As a mum, what tips do you have for creating with kids and managing mess?

It’s simple, paint outdoors! Or cover the kitchen table in newspaper and wear an art smock. 

A painting of a bed with stars and sheep in the back ground, drawn in a cartoon style.

Aside from art, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I’m a homebody and you’ll often find me pottering in the veggie patch or garden, baking a cake or walking the dogs. 

Do you have a favourite Mont Marte product?

I love the silky satin acrylics as well as the fluoro oil pastels. Jemima also loves the twistable metallics. 

Hand holding a painting of a teddy bear next to three vintage teddy bears.

You create pocket paintings of Teddy bears for people to mail and brighten someone’s day. How did this idea come about?

I just thought about how rare it is to receive something unexpected and special in the mail these days. Jemima absolutely loves getting mail and I wanted a way to spread that kind of simple joy. The teddy bear idea came from my girls, they have a lot of teddies, we have some vintage ones and one from Clinton’s childhood. I love how many different types of teddy bears there are and how they all seem to have different personalities, I thought it was a cute idea for a teddy to deliver an anonymous message. 

Does your family enjoy being creative alongside you?

Absolutely, my studio desk is to the side of our lounge room so I’ll often find Jemima at my desk getting into my art supplies. 


A framed canvas of an artwork with a kettle and tea cup next to a colourful, abstract artwork.

Who inspires you the most?

I absolutely love Ken Done and definitely Jemima. 

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