25 May 2022Mont Marte

Looking for some creative activities to do with the family? From bracelets to trinket trays and even fossils, we've found 10 kids' air dry clay projects to keep the little ones busy.

The best part is that you don’t need to bake air dry clay in an oven or kiln, simply leave your sculptures out to dry!

1. Nature imprints

Four circles of air dry clay with a leaf imprint printed on top on a green background.

Stamping leaves and flowers into air dry clay is a great sensory play activity that helps your kids connect with nature and their creativity. Start the activity by foraging in the garden or park to collect bits and pieces for the project. Next, roll out the clay and gently press the items into the clay with your fingers, a rolling pin or a flat object. That’s all there is to it!

2. Cookie cutter lamp
Air dry clay lamp with star pattern.

Create a night light at home with this air dry clay lamp project that the kids can get involved with too. Roll out your clay, cut it into shape and let your little artists push shapes into it with a cookie cutter. Next, you’ll need to roll it into shape and join the edges to create your lamp. Check out our video tutorial if you need some pointers.

3. Pinch pots
Three pinch pots made from air dry clay each painted with various colours green, blue and black.

If you haven’t created a pinch pot before, you might be surprised at how easy it is! Roll your clay into a ball and then gently push your thumbs into the middle of the clay and rotate it as you press into it. This will create a well in the middle which will get bigger as you go. If your child is a little too young for this first step, they can decorate it with some Poster Paints or acrylics once it’s dried.

4. Star fish
Three star fish made from air dry clay on a blue background.

If your little artist loves the beach, they’re going to have a lot of fun with this project. Show them how to cut out a star shape (or do it for them if they’re too young) and let them decorate it with clay tools or a pencil. Once it’s dry, they might also like to add some final touches with acrylic paints.

5. Heart trinket tray
A love heart shaped air dry clay trinket dish painted red, with rings in the dish, on a yellow background.

As far as easy kid’s air dry clay projects go, this cute heart plate idea is one that anyone can try. Simply roll out the clay, cut a heart shape and add some clay around the edges or curve it into a shallow bowl shape. Leave it to dry, then add a touch of acrylic paint to give it a splash of colour. This makes a nice little jewellery dish, pocket money tray or ornament that kids can proudly display on a shelf or dresser.

6. Ghosts
Ghost made from air dry clay with LED light inside.

Whether it’s Halloween or you’re just looking for a creative project to keep the kids busy, these cute tea light ghosts make a great activity. Roll out some air dry clay with a rolling pin and then cut it into circles. You can then drape each circle over a ball of foil, shape them, then cut out the eyes using a clay tool or pen. Once the ghosts are dry you can take them off the foil and pop them over a battery-operated tea light! Kids will love how these look in the dark. Check out our video tutorial here to make your own.

7. Fossils
Three circular pans of air dry clay with three plastic dinosaur toys on top to create a fossil.

Show your little ones how to make their own dinosaur fossils! All you need is some figurines and air dry clay. Roll your clay into balls and then press them flat with a rolling pin before pushing dinosaur figurines into it. The last step is to remove the figurine and leave your fossils to dry.

8. Clay bracelet
Three bracelets made from air dry clay that have been painted with bright colours.

If you’re looking for a clay creation that you can wear after crafting, check out this handmade, clay bangle idea. Whether you gift it to a special someone or just looking for a rainy-day clay project, we say give it a go! You can find the step-by-step instructions here.

9. Pencil holder
Painted pencil holder made from air dry clay with colouring in next to it.

Create something out of clay that you can use to keep your desk organised too! We love this pencil holder idea and it's super easy to make too. Check out our step-by-step project here to create this handy pencil holder.

10. Fingerprint keepsake
Two clay medallions with fingerprints and a thread of kitchen twine.

This air-dry clay project teaches little artists how to create a special fingerprint keepsake for a loved one. This fingerprint keepsake makes learning fun and helps develop fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination. The little ones will have a ball squashing, pressing and rolling the clay out, plus it makes for a great gift. We've got the step-by-step instructions here, so you can take a look before getting started.

Your little artists will have loads of fun getting hands on with these creative projects and it’s also a great way for them to develop fine motor skills. Happy creating!

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