25 Feb 2022Mont Marte
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Create a Picasso style self portrait with coloured paper

In this lesson, follow along as we create a Picasso style self portrait using coloured card! This is a fun and easy crafty project to make with your little artists. Find the step-by-step instructions and video below.

Extra materials you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Plain paper

Firstly, we need to see what we look like! Use a mirror or snap a photo of yourself to use as a reference.

Then, take a sheet of plain paper and use your pencil to draw your self portrait. To make it a Picasso style, use blocky shapes like squares and circles. Triangles are great for noses! Whichever shapes you choose, just have fun with it.

Finish adding your eyes, ears, mouth, eyebrows, and any more of your favourite features. You can even add hair if you like!

Once your drawing is ready, add glue all over another piece of plain paper, then place three different sheets of coloured paper on top.

Press it down so that it’s sticking nicely, before cutting away the leftovers. Remember, always be careful while using scissors!

Get a fourth piece of coloured paper, and bring out your Picasso-inspired portrait. Trace your portrait onto the piece of coloured card.

Once you’ve retraced your shapes, cut around the outline of your portrait, and spread glue over the back. Paste your portrait where your colours meet in the middle of the page, adding any extra details you like.

Next, take another piece of coloured and choose a shape from your portrait. Trace over this shape, then cut it out and paste it where it belongs on your portrait.

Repeat the steps and cut more shapes out with different pieces of coloured paper. You can choose different colours for your eyes, too! Be as creative and colourful as you want.

When you’ve finished adding your favourite colours to the empty shapes, you can add more detail by tracing along your outlines. This will make your features pop!  

Add some last-minute eyebrows, and there you go! Your very own Picasso style self portrait! 

We’d love to see your colourful portraits, so snap a photo and #montmarteart or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @montmarteart.

Material List

  • Coloured Paper Pad A4 120 Sheets 70gsm
  • Plant-Based Glue Sticks 2pce
  • Graphite Pencils HB Signature 10pc

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