We partnered with Monet in Paris to help bring an engaging, multi-sensory art display to everyday Australians. The event gave visitors of all ages the chance to experience and explore creativity in new ways. Iconic French Impressionist creators inspired the display, with their paintings and stories coming to life throughout the exhibit.

Mont Marte supplied loads of art products for the in-house classes run by Monet in Paris, so visitors could explore their inner artist while ideas were fresh in their minds. Guests played with our supplies to unlock their creativity, and we’re impressed with all the artwork they came up with! Art is a powerful way to express yourself, so we loved partnering with an event that was made to inspire the masses.

Experiencing art with all 5 senses was an exciting way to spark imagination for Australians across the nation. Whether it was the smell of the hanging wisteria or the moving lily pads beneath your feet, the exhibit was bursting with fun ways to connect with art and explore creating. As partners and suppliers for the event, we were proud to help bring this vision to life in new and inspiring ways.