10 Sep 2023Milly Scott

If you’re into bright colours and bold designs, you’ll probably love Australian artist Emma Darrouzet (@emma.darrouzet.art)! Her imagination and innovative spirit are clear in everything she does, from customising commissions to match her clients’ personalities to fostering her children’s creativity alongside her writer husband. 


Using exciting colours ranging from neon to pastel, Emma paints freely with overlapping patterns, line work, and colour blending. We reached out to learn more about her art journey and creative inspirations, so read along to discover more!



1. Vibrant abstract paining on a large canvas sitting on an easel

1. How did you discover your creativity? Was it a gradual process or a surprise discovery?

I’ve been creative since as far back as I can remember. My Nan was a brilliant painter (and musician), and she taught me how to paint when I was a toddler. From there, it has just run through my veins my whole life. After lying dormant for a few years, I have re-discovered my creativity and this latest body of work/exploration is around a year in the making, born from a lifetime’s worth of thoughts and inspiration.



2. Large brightly coloured abstract painting above a white end table

2. Who inspires you the most?

That’s a really hard question to answer because I am inspired by so many people! I think my biggest source of inspiration is my husband Jon. He inspires me in small and unexpected ways each and every day. I am inspired by the way he views the world, his patience, the brilliant father he is and the way he is just constantly in my corner, encouraging me every step of the way. That sort of raw and honest love is what really inspires me.

3. What would your dream creative space look like?

My dream creative space would be a big warehouse with blank walls and blank floors that can get as messy as possible! Painting in the style I do is a pretty messy undertaking, so I would love to have a space where the mess doesn’t matter. I absolutely love fresh sunlight and sunshine, so a space with natural light is also a must for me.



3. Close-up picture of brightly painted abstract details

4. When creating a work, do you prefer to plan it out or jump in and learn as you go?

I rarely “plan” a work. Not in the traditional sense anyways. If I am working on a commissioned piece, I send a questionnaire to my client that allows me to get to know them, their personality, their home, their style and 3 feature colours. I then just paint based on their personality and what I know of them. When I am painting something for my collection or website, I normally have an idea of colours I want to start with and take myself back to a time in my life and then I paint that. I never have a “finished product” in mind before I start, I just know when the piece is done, and I finish. The best way I can describe it is that there are hundreds of puzzle pieces in my mind, and I put them together on the canvas.

5. Do you have a creative family?

Yes, very much so. My son Francis is 5 and absolutely obsessed with painting and being creative. My husband Jon is a writer, so he is a very creative being and his writing will often compliment my art. My daughter Odette (19 months) loves drawing and painting, but I can’t let her loose in my studio, I learnt that lesson the hard way when she played finger painting in two freshly completed commissions that were out to dry!



7. Emma's young daughter Odette with headphones on in front of a rainbow coloured painting

6. How do you find time to create?

I am incredibly lucky that I have an in-home studio so any time I get, I sneak away to the studio. I took this year off work to focus on my family and my painting, so I treat it like a full-time job and paint around 8 hours a day.

7. How do you break down creative roadblocks?

I step away for a little while. Even if that is for a few hours, or maybe a few days. Creativity for me is like a muscle, so when it starts to get tired, I need to give it a rest and reset. I also try to simplify things when I am feeling blocked, take it back to basics and return to some key colours, focus on the bigger picture, and try not to get so caught up in the details.




8. What 3 art supplies would you take to the moon?

Hmmm, this is a hard one!! Definitely my easel, it was handmade by a friend of my Nan’s, especially for me and it is so special and close to my heart. If I only have two more supplies, they would be Mont Marte pouring paints and some Mont Marte signature canvases. I can do without the brushes and use my pouring paints and my hands to create!

9. What' s your guilty pleasure?

Watching junk TV with a glass of wine!



5. Emma wearing bright clothes with one of her vibrant paintings behind her

10. Aside from art, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I absolutely love cooking, I love being outdoors and exploring nature, I am a big Pilates tragic, I love playing with my kids, trying new restaurants with my husband, and exploring new and fun things to do in Brisbane with my family.



4. Person wearing a hat walking on the beach wih a brightly patterned scarf catching on the wind


Now you know a little more about Emma, we hope you catch onto her creative spirit and have a go creating with bold colours at home. She has taught us that creativity is kind of like a muscle, and it needs rest sometimes to be at its best. So, if you hit a roadblock, remember to give yourself a break and then jump back on the horse!


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