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Professional artist Candy Ng

Melbourne artist Candy Ng (@candyngart) has worked with household names and brands around the world to feature her artwork. She explores drawing, paintings, and digital art to express herself and make a living from her creativity. Read on below to learn more about her art practice, inspirations, and handy tips for new artists!


If you had no time frame, what would you love to create?

1. Candy painting on an easel wearing a white jumpsuit


If I had all the time in the world, I would pack my bag and travel to Europe – ideally France for a month (or two) to create a series of art. I visited France years ago and fell in love with the beauty of the country.


I would paint the heritage buildings, the beautiful landscapes, and the people there. I always feel incredibly inspired when I travel to other countries.


I would sketch or paint in different spots as I go; I enjoy creating in public spaces where I can feel the emotions of the surroundings and capture them on canvas. Those conversations with people while I'm in the creative zone – they’re an important part of the creative process.  I would then take many reference photos and bring the sketching materials back to my studio to create on a larger canvas.

Have your creative influences evolved as you’ve grown as an artist?

Since I deliciated more time to paint, I became way more sensitive towards my surroundings. I am finding inspiration from my daily life and notice the play of light and shadow, the sun’s reflection, the different shades of colours, the beauty of nature and even the ordinary things in my day-to-day life.

What was the trickiest part about becoming a professional artist?

2. Candy holding her artwork in front of her at an exhibition


I have to admit, that self-doubt and comparison are challenging. Like many artists, I find myself comparing my success and skills to others from time to time. Putting your art out there for the world to see can be pretty vulnerable. But as I kept doing it, I became better at pushing past the self-doubt and just focusing on enjoying the whole creative journey.


I identify myself as a professional artist because I'm very serious about my craft and determined to master it. My art is never a hobby, it's a passion that I want to take to another level.  I want people to see me as someone who's committed to this professional career. I always make sure that everything I create is the best I can offer at that moment, and I'm committed to improving and mastering my skills. As I keep reminding myself of this dedication, self-doubt and comparison become less of a distraction.

What’s an art medium you’d love to explore more?

I’d love to explore oil painting more. It's been a year since I first tried it out, and I fell in love with the butter-like texture, rich colours, and the fact that it dries slowly. It makes the whole creative process a lot more enjoyable.

I’d also love to explore traditional Chinese ink painting. Just a few months ago, I went back to my hometown in Hong Kong to take an intensive course with an old master, Connie Ho.  It was an eye-opening experience! I'm definitely planning to dive deeper into it. Not only is it therapeutic, but the traditional method we used to paint in the style is also a source of life lessons that can be applied to many aspects of life.

Do you have any tips for setting up a creative space?

3. Candy's studio set up with a plant hanging above her workspace


Creating a space that you love is so important. First things first, keep it organized and make sure to tidy up after each painting session. Hang your best paintings on the wall so they inspire you every time you are in your creative space. A tidy studio makes me feel welcome every time I step in and now it has become my favourite place to hang out. Having a delegated space is critical, it doesn’t need to be huge, it can grow with you and your art in the future. 

How do you approach a creative challenge?

It’s common to feel stuck in creating. When I'm feeling stuck with a painting, I put it aside and return to it later with fresh eyes. Sometimes, it's best to hit the reset button, so I'll start a whole new project using a different medium to shake things up.

How do you tackle art block?

4. Candy painting a seascape on an easel by the ocean


When I found myself procrastinating a lot and feeling uninspired, there’s a few things I would do. I would apply for a course to learn new techniques, so it brings me fresh ideas and perspectives.


Another way is to bring my art materials out into nature; it feels like turning the outdoors to be a studio. Once I'm out there with my art supplies and a beautiful scene in front of me, I have no excuse not to sketch. “Inspiration exists, but you have to find it working” by Pablo Picasso – I absolutely love this quote.

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

If I had that time machine, I'd go to the future when I am 70 years old… I am curious about what my art will be like in the future. Will it be a success? Will my art impact other people’s lives? How much will I grow in my skill?


However, the beauty of it is that I can't actually time travel. I can enjoy the journey and embrace the unknown. After all, there's something exciting about not knowing where an artist’s path will lead, right?

Whose brain would you like to pick?

5. Painting of a tiger with dripping abstract background


I would dive into Picasso's mind. Oh well, he created 147,800 pieces of art in his life. I'm very curious to know what kept him so motivated and prolific all the time. And those stories behind his works? Picasso’s creativity is just too fascinating.

What’s your favourite time of day?

For me, it's definitely those late-night hours, roughly from 9 to midnight. It's super quiet, no distractions, and I can fully concentrate in my studio. I usually have a podcast playing in the background as I get down to creating.


6. Candy exploring Chinese ink painting


We hope Candy’s art practice and creativity have motivated you to explore painting and drawing at home. She has taught us that inspiration is everywhere, and nature can guide us when we’re not sure what to create.


See more on @candyngart by diving into our Gallery, where her art journey is featured! Pick up some Oil Paints and Inks to explore mediums that excite and inspire Candy. If do get creating, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’re excited to see what you make!


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