10 Mar 2022Mont Marte

If you’re looking to transform your paintings, or if you’re just wanting to slow down the drying time, our guide to oil mediums will help change the way you work with oils without losing that vibrant colour and sheen.

Refined Linseed Oil Premium
A hand pouring Mont Marte Refined Linseed Oil into a metal lid on a wooden board.

This type of oil isn’t something to gloss over. Our Refined Linseed Oil Premium will slow down the drying time of your oil paints and improve flow, plus it will also work to increase gloss and add a shine to your projects. This oil medium has a mid-viscosity, meaning its medium thickness gives you more control over the spread of your oil paints and will help you to create longer brush strokes.

Safflower Oil Premium

A hand pouring Mont Marte Safflower oil into a metal lid on a wooden board.

Our Safflower Oil Premium will not only increase the gloss of your oil paints but also reduce the yellowing which can happen when using linseed oils. If you’re painting with white and pale hues, safflower oil is a great choice that’ll keep your whites white and your lighter colours clean and bright. With its thin consistency, similar to that of milk, this oil medium will improve the flow and transparency of your oil paints.

Thickened Linseed Oil Premium
A hand pouring Mont Marte Thickened Linseed Oil Premium into a metal lid on a wooden board.

Working similar to those within the linseed oil family, the consistency of our Thickened Linseed Oil Premium is similar to that of syrup, this type of oil medium is perfect for glazes to spice up your landscapes or reduce and smooth out the appearance of brush strokes within your projects.

Amber Gel Premium

A hand pouring Mont Marte Amber gel into a metal lid on a wooden board.

If you want to add translucence to your artworks without losing the thickness and richness of your oils, our Amber Gel Premium may be for you. This oil medium will help you adjust the translucency in your work and you will still be able to create those impasto techniques and make your brush strokes stand out. Due to its alkyd resin, amber gel will also speed up your oil’s drying time, making the whole situation a win, win.

Amber Thinner Premium

Mont Marte Amber thinner premium next to oil paints on a wooden canvas.

Our Amber Thinner Premium will not only help to speed up the drying time of your oils, but it can also be used to clean oil paint brushes. We all know that cleaning oil paint from brushes can be a tedious task, however this amber thinner will recondition and clean your oil paint brushes, leaving them squeaky clean for your next creative session.

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