09 Sep 2023Mont Marte
Acrylic Easy Pouring

3 Supercell pours to try

The first pour we’ll be doing is the humble old flip cup. To do this we lay each layer up slowly into the cup, in this case we are using Light Aqua, Turquoise, Teal and Gold. You can already see the cells forming in the cup already. Multiple layers tend to yield better results.

Gold pigment has the highest density and as such will sink to the bottom so it’s a good idea to use more of this when laying up the cup.

Another thing to bear in mind with all pours is that you should pour in less of the stronger the colours.

Once the cup has been layered up flip the cup and gently tilt the canvas from side to side.  

This next pour is an edge pour. We begin by laying a bead of gold across the edge of the canvas. Next Yellow is laid down followed by Cadmium Red.

Titanium White is then laid up to the other colours and evenly dispersed across the canvas with a large palette knife. If you don’t have a large palette knife you can use a sheet of card. The colours are then dragged over the white coat. You can do this a couple of times or until you are happy with the coverage.

The third pour is called a travel pour. Essentially the canvas is divided by 2 contrasting colours, in this case Black and White.

It is not shown in the clip but we cut the bottom out of a water bottle and also a hole in the cap, placed it onto the canvas and it was then filled with Cadmium Red, Light Purple and Pink . The bottle is then slowly pulled in between the colours.

Once it is down the colour is dragged into the black and white with a palette knife. More interesting effects can be created if a straw is used to blow the colour around the canvas.

Well we hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and are inspired to pick up some Supercell pouring paint and create some lovely art works with them.

Create the first pour with:  

Create the second pour with:  

Create the third pour with: 

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