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8 tips on getting through art block

If you’ve ever wondered how to get through art block, we’ve got the tips you need to keep on creating. Everyone has hit a wall where their imagination comes up short, but that’s only natural. Like any muscle, it needs a break and support sometimes to keep it in top shape. Check out our hot tips and take care of your inner artist!

1. Creative break

1. Sticky note reading 'take a break' on a white surface surrounded by crumpled paper


One of the best ways to beat art block is to take a creative rest. Your imagination and artistic reflexes get a workout when you’re creating, so it’s important to give them a break when they’re tired. You might want to take short breaks more frequently or longer breaks less often – it’s completely up to you! Some people like to run marathons and other people like interval exercises; either way is great so long as you’re taking appropriate breaks. If you’re finding your imagination isn’t reactivating no matter how long you rest, we have some more ways to jog your creativity below!

2. Art prompt

2. Video thumbnail that reads 'how to draw anime style' with a hand holding a pencil


Save your brain the trouble of thinking of art ideas by looking online or asking around for a prompt. We’ve got countless how-tos, projects, and inspo articles you can scour for a concept that tickles your creativity. So, next time your imagination hits a wall, look for a drawing prompt and have a go! There’s no need to do it perfectly, it’s all about getting your mind going again and getting back into the rhythm of creating.

3. Art challenge

3. One-point perspective drawing of city skyscrapers


Change-up your approach to art by challenging yourself to try a new style or technique! Whether it’s trading pencils for paints or swapping greyscale with fluoro colours, it’s always good to push your boundaries and explore things outside your comfort zone. You may find it gives you a new perspective, or else find a whole new way to create!

We’ve got stacks of projects you can test yourself with on our Create blog, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced. Find your next challenge now!

4. Art basics

4. Video thumbnail that reads 'how to use acrylic paints' with a seagull drawing and yellow paint


If a challenge sounds too daunting, go back to basics, and relearn the fundamentals. Starting small and practicing the simple stuff can be a great way to gently stretch your creative muscles without overextending yourself. You may even find some introductory techniques you didn’t know about that help you look at art a new light. Explore Mont Marte Create to check out all the different intro tutorials we have available.

5. Famous artist

5. Monet Inspired Acrylic Painting Tutorial thumbnail with a bridge over water lilies painting


If you need some inspo, look to iconic artists through history for some ideas! Sometimes, we can get stuck creating in our own style without exploring new techniques. Keep a list of your favourite artists and have a go recreating their works to get your inner artist inspired again. Once you’ve tried out some timeless styles, you may find yourself adding some of the skills you learned into your own creating! Check out our projects inspired by famous artists such as Monet, Afremov, and Warhol to kick-start your exploration.

6. Doodling

6. Geometric Mountain Drawing sketch in pen


Drawing without intention is a healthy way to create with less pressure. Make sure there’s no rules, no expectations, and no end goal in mind – just let your pens or paints guide you! I’m sure we’ve all doodled while on the phone, so call up a mate or throw on a tune and just create for creating’s sake. It’s all about removing personal bias and exploring your imagination without judgement.

7. Creative space

 7. Green abstract painting on a desktop easel with plaints in the background


Reset your mental space by changing your creative environment. This might be as simple as adding plants or adjusting the lighting or might get you outside to create on the go. Historically, painting and drawing en plein air, or outdoors, has been a way to keep painters inspired with natural subject matter. Whether you find a pond with water lilies like Monet or take a modern approach with a cityscape, there’s plenty to explore beyond your front door. Not to mention, breathing in fresh air can be a great way to reset and relax, allowing you to tackle a project with a clear mindset.

8. Holistic art

8. People stretching while sitting on grass outside


Just like any hobby or activity, you’re more likely to create happily if you’re feeling healthy and comfortable. Make your approach to art holistic and set yourself up to create for longer by taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Drawing and painting without intention is a great mindful practice, allowing you to be present without additional stressors. Likewise, getting creative outdoors gets you into nature, breathing fresh air. Take regular breaks to stretch and take care of your muscles – we’ve all caught ourselves hunching over our sketchbook!



Hopefully, these tips get you creating again next time you’re dealing with art block. If you do make something, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what you come up with!


If you need supplies, check out our Drawing and Paints collections for loads of creative tools. For more ideas, dive into our Inspo blogs on our Create space. We have a blog dedicated to 11 Easy Drawing Ideas that might help you get creating again!


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