22 Aug 2023Mont Marte

Meet Amy Compton, a vibrant Australian artist with a talent for balancing family life with creating. Amy uses bold colours to create all sorts of paintings, printing her designs onto homewares and textiles to make them all the easier to see and display.


From fostering creativity in her family to running an art market stall at the Salamanca Markets, her art journey is inspiring.  So, let’s dive into Amy’s wonderful mind and see how she does it all!


1. Amy Compton selling artwork at the markets


1. What tips do you have for balancing creating and family life?

I think it really helps to have a permanent space in your home where you can create. This means you can take advantage of any spare windows which pop up throughout the day when the kids might be napping etc. At my house, we have converted the family room into an art room. It has a Mummy painting zone as well as a kids’ painting zone!


2. What would your dream creative space look like?

I’d love a purpose-built studio overlooking the seaside that’s flooded with natural light and fitted out with loads of storage! A sink would be an added bonus.




3. When creating a piece, do you prefer to plan it out or jump in and learn as you go?

I paint intuitively, so I never know how it’s going to look until I start painting. My paintings usually take shape over a series of layers, and always end up looking very different from how they first began.


4. What’s something that you’re proud of, that you don’t often get to talk about?

I’m proud about winning Art to Art’s 2023 Unearthed People’s Choice Award. It was a real honour to receive this award as there were so many amazing paintings in the mix. The added bonus is that I am now represented by Art to Art gallery in Melbourne.


3. Amy compton sitting in front of 3 paintings propped on a board


5. Do you have a creative family?

Yes! My kids are always drawing and painting. I want to encourage their creativity as much as possible. I make a point of having art supplies around the house which they can use whenever creativity strikes.


6. Which season inspires you the most?

Oooh, I don’t like the heat, but I would have to say summer - the colours, the beach, the feeling of warmth and the overall vibe are right up my alley.


2. Framed natue inspired painting in shades of pink, blue, and green


7. Who are your creative cheerleaders?

My Dad is my number one cheerleader. He would buy all of my paintings if he could! My eldest daughter is another creative cheerleader. She’s really proud of what I have achieved and wants to follow a creative career path when she’s older.


8. It’s Friday night. Are you grabbing takeout, dining out, or cooking at home?

We cook burgers at home every Friday. Yum, yum!


4. Open sketchbook with colourful oil pastel artworks


9. What would you say to someone who might be a little scared to learn how to be creative?

Just start small and then keep going! Having a creative pursuit will enrich your life in so many ways - confidence, community, calmness, and the list goes on.


10. Who inspires you the most?

Ooooh, my kids inspire me to follow my dreams because I like to show them what’s possible when you follow your passion in life. I am also inspired by my late aunt who was an oil painter. She painted big and bold, and I wish she was still here so I could share my art with her. The artist who inspires me is Deb McNaughton - her passion, her big heart, her work ethic and her ability to think outside the square.






We hope you feel inspired by Amy and her creative lifestyle. She has taught us that if you’re breaking into art, start small and don’t give up! It’s a rewarding pursuit.


You can find more @amycomptonart works here, where you can follow along with her vibrant art journey! Feel free to also check out some of our other featured artists for more ideas on getting creative.


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