25 Jun 2023Mont Marte

We’re here to tell you, rainy days don’t have to be boring! And crafting isn’t just for kids! From ceramic painting to clay, seize the day and get creative with a few (or all) of these 11 rainy day projects for adults.


1. Coloured trinket dish

1. Three coloured air dry clay trinket dishes holding star earrings and rings


The weather might be bad outside, but these little trinket dishes are a welcome ray of sunshine! Grab some air dry clay, create your trinket dish, let it dry, then reach for the paints to add some pizzazz to your creation. Plus, you’ll have a handy spot to keep your bits and bobs too! We’ve got the instructions and a video showing you how to create it here.


2. Try out texture

2. Pastel textured artwork of flowers next to lilac acrylic colour on a palette


Image: gleaming.arts

Rainy days aren’t just great for projects, you can also have some fun experimenting with new colours and textures. Use an old butter knife or palette knife and have some fun with modelling paste or impasto. Whether it’s flowers, an abstract work or a textured delight, play around and see what you can create!


3. Polymer clay pots

3. Three squiggly pots made from polymer clay standing on a pink table


Image: theatelieristaoflove 


These pots make us just want to grab some clay and get building! Create a clay pot planter or have some fun and add some squiggles to a boring pot you have at home. New to polymer clay? Check out our polymer clay tips and tricks for beginners and give it a go!


4. Painted pots

4. Ann Nguyen from the Artful Grimmer acrylic pen painting a pot with a bright leaf pattern


If polymer clay pots aren’t your cup of tea, but you love the idea of decorating, then transform a terracotta pot using acrylics! Upcycle the plant pot and once it’s stopped raining, you can potter about in the garden or give your plant a new home!  We’ve got a project from the Artful Grimmer to get you started and inspired. 


5. Polymer clay earrings

5. Polymer clay earrings with a pink and white cow print pattern


Image: little.mayple


Another fun, rainy day project for adults to get their hands on is to create some fun polymer clay earrings! Whether you’re using left-over clay or wanting to create something and wear it later too, we reckon it’s worth giving a go -- plus you can play with the paints afterwards!


6. Upcycle your ceramics

6. Various dishes with leaf patterns and painted faces on them


Image: chloeyasart


Whether you’ve got a few spare décor dishes around the place, or you’re looking to upcycle something, grab some ceramic paints and unleash your creativity. Play around with patterns and colours and make something totally unique!


7. Try a painting on a different shaped canvas

7. A black round palette with abstract painted flowers beside Mont Marte acrylic paints


Image: vs.art.studio


Still feeling stuck? Sometimes fun projects can be as simple as trying a new shaped canvas! Create something new on a different shape or try creating something using another tool. Experiment using a palette knife, the end of a brush, or even your hands! Rainy days are great for playing about and discovering new ways of creating


8. Add a tropical touch

8. Tropical artwork  by Kylie Jane of two palm trees painted in an abstract style


The weather might be cold and miserable, but you don’t have to be! Transport yourself and create this fun, tropical abstract landscape painting with Kylie Jane. In this project, artist Kylie Jane steps us through how to create this piece of palm tree paradise and we reckon it’s worth checking out!


9. Seashell watercolour palette

9. A seashell palette made from clay with watercolour paints and two brushes next to it


If you’re looking for a fun project that you can use long after the wet weather, try this seashell air dry clay watercolour palette. For this rainy day craft idea, grab some air dry clay to create the palette, then grab the watercolours and get creating!


10. Upcycle some old jeans

10. Woman wearing jeans with green frog faces painted on, holding a plant.


Image: sijesns

We’re loving these frog print jeans! Upcycle an old pair of jeans or a jacket and let your creativity run wild. Grab a graphite pencil to plan your design out before reaching for the fabric paints or create your own stencil using cardboard and a pair of scissors.


11. Update a mug with ceramic paints

11. A mug painted with a mandela style pattern next to six Mont Marte ceramic paints


Image: ivyprimalontok 


If you’re looking for a quick, rainy day project idea, we think this will do the trick! Grab some ceramic paints, jazz up an old mug and paint the day away! Have some fun but also keep in mind that ceramic paints aren’t food safe, so it’s best to stick to projects where food or drink won’t go directly on the paint.


We hope that you feel inspired to try these rainy day projects for adults. Try one for yourself and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create!

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