28 Mar 2024Mont Marte

Easy dino paintings with watercolour

1. Triceratops art

Yellow triceratops watercolour painting on sketchbook

-   Start with a circle

-   Create an egg shape to the left of the circle

-   Add a crest from the back of the egg shape and a beak shape at the front

-   Draw a chin and connect it to the back of the crest

-   Draw 3 horns and an eye

-   Starting from the top of the circle, sketch a line for the top of the tail

-   Draw the front and back legs and the tummy

-   Outline with black marker*

-   Paint the top half with a mix of Yellow Ochre and Lime Green

-   Paint the rest with straight Yellow Ochre

2. Brontosaurus art

Yellowy-green brontosaurus watercolour painting with red spots

-   Begin by drawing an egg shape

-   Add lines to create the neck

-   Draw an elliptical shape and extend a line from the top for the tail

-   Sketch in the legs, eyes, and mouth

-   Add spots, then outline with the marker

-   Erase your pencil lines

-   Paint the top portion with Yellow mixed with a touch of Lime Green

-   Colour the bottom with Green

-   Paint the spots with Red

3. Stegosaurus art

Green and lime green stegosaurus watercolour painting

-   Start with a circle and an egg shape

-   Draw a line for the neck from the back of the egg to the circle

-   Add a tail from the back of the large circle

-   Sketch long back legs and shorter front legs

-   Add diamond-shaped plates along the back and spikes on the tail

-   Outline with the marker

-   Paint the top portion with a mix of blue and green, and the bottom with yellow

-   Blend the colours where they meet

-   Paint the plates with Yellow Ochre

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex art

 Green t-rex watercolour painting on sketchbook

-   Draw two intersecting circles for the head

-   Sketch an elliptical circle beneath for the body

-   Draw a line connecting the circles for the top of the head

-   Draw a line from the back of the right circle, down the elliptical circle, and create a tail

-   Draw a crescent shape for the leg muscle and add a small foot at the bottom

-   Connect the back of the foot to the body

-   Sketch in the belly and draw the second leg at the base

-   Add the classic T-rex arms

-   Draw his face details and add fins

-   Outline with the marker

-   Paint the body with Green and make the belly a mix of Green and Yellow

-   Paint the fins with Yellow Ochre


We hope you enjoy creating your own dinosaur masterpieces! Let your creativity roar with these easy and fun watercolour paintings 🦕🎨

*TIP: After you outline your dinos in black pen, erase your pencil lines before colouring for a cleaner finish!

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