23 Mar 2023Mont Marte

Meet multi-disciplinary artist, Adeline Shatsala! (@adelshat_ideas) In search of a more creative path, Adeline left her job in IT to forge a path as an artist. Swapping programs for paints, this Malaysian-based artist is entirely self-taught, often exploring earthy landscape concepts within her work.

Combining her abstract style with a love of clear calligraphy and patterning, Adeline’s art gives us a look into her own creative world. Eager to learn more, we unpacked Adeline’s inspirations and how she developed her style.

Artist Adeline Shatsala smiling and holding an art journal with abstract painting inside.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist from Malaysia. Though coming from an IT background in Software Quality Assurance, my love for art has turned my hobby of painting into becoming an artist for the past 10 years. 

Your work combines abstract art with journaling and calligraphy, how did you develop your style?

I believe the artistic process is a progression of a beautiful, creative adventure. There is no limit to learning and improving your artistic nature. Interestingly, art journaling is a wonderful space where I can express myself freely and play with various colour palettes. Calligraphy feeds my passion for a beautiful style of writing.  Finding my style is definitely an ongoing process as I choose to gain more exposure, with lots of trial and error.

An art journal with layers of pink and red abstract paint with a calligraphy pen and a branch near by.

How do you get inspired? Is it by reading and finding words or by colours and patterns?

Overall, I think I’m inspired by nature, as most of my abstract work pulls towards earthy, natural colours and leans toward landscape concepts. I love exploring colour studies to test different arrangements of colours in my work. 

How about growing up, did you come from a creative family yourself?

Yes, my family is musically inclined. I play the acoustic guitar and the piano too. 

An art journal open with yellow, pink, blue and earthy tones painted inside with oil pastel and dried leaf nearby.

Where do you create? What does your creative space look like?

All of my artwork is created in an art room filled with my art supplies. I have some paintings filling the space on my walls and, not forgetting my charcoal pencils, oil pastels and twigs, they’re a must on my art table.

What are you most proud of creating?

Abstract artwork always excites me the most. Painting The Four Season series was a ground-breaking creative experience, and all four pieces were sold immediately. 

Adeline Shatsala holding an abstract artwork in her home.

What’s your favourite Mont Marte product?

Mont Marte acrylic paints are fantastic and affordable. Love the excellent texture and I have been a big fan since 2019.

Who inspires you the most?

Traditionally, I have a great admiration for Wassily Kandinsky and Van Gogh’s works of art. But now, I must tell you that Instagram Mix Media/Abstract Artists are simply amazing. I have a range of love for a lot of artists.

A colour study with blue and earthy tones next to a paint brush and palette knife.

What does a Sunday afternoon look like for you?

Enjoying a good lunch with my family and watching Netflix.

What’s next? What are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m just taking things slow at the moment by learning new techniques of mark making, exploring some creative ideas in my head and hoping to join more art exhibitions for the year 2023. 

An open art journal with pink and earthy tones inside, next to four oil pastels and a pink paint tube.

We hope that you feel inspired by Adeline Shatsala and her creative journey. You can check out more of our featured artists here. Or pick up the acrylics and give something a go yourself!