14 Nov 2023Mont Marte

If you’re a fan of satisfying, minimalistic texture pieces, check out Australian artist, Kylie Callaghan (@my_inner_designs). Her self-love journey led her to start her own business, creating unique artwork and teaching texture techniques. Kylie rediscovered her creative passion during the COVID lockdowns, and she’s hit the ground running ever since. Read on to learn more about her art journey and get inspired to create with texture!

What would you say to someone who might be a little scared to try creating?

Kylie working on a textured white artwork with ripples and stippling


If you are a little scared to start creating, don’t be. The thought will always make you back out, but the action will make you fall in love.

How did you discover your creativity? Was it a gradual process or a surprise discovery?

I discovered my creativity when I was a child but growing up, I was always told it would never amount to anything by doing it, so I lost my passion and didn’t have the time. My creativity was sparked again during the COVID lockdowns, and I haven’t stopped since.

Do you prefer to plan a painting or jump in and learn as you go?



I am a jump in and learn as I go type of artist. I’ve always been a hands-on type of learner and when I create, I don’t like to think too much so I just give it a go and see what comes out of it.

Where do you find your creative inspiration for a piece?

For me, I find a lot of my inspiration when I am out in nature and from homewares. It’s the shapes and the texture that I am looking for.

How do you tackle art block?

Textured paintings of palm trees in pastel pink and blue arches


I tackle art block by clearing my schedule and just creating without a plan. A lot of my orders are commission-based and planned designs so every now and then it’s nice to stop and just create with no intention.

What would your dream creative space look like?



My dream working space would be big, open, full of windows, a glass roof! With flowing sheer curtains and timber floors.

What 3 art supplies would you take to the moon?



Three art supplies I’d take to the moon with me are my textured paste, a palette knife, and a scraper. With these three you can really create anything you want.

What's your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is not art-related… I love a good trashy reality TV show! My most recent binge was Selling Sunset.

Who inspires you the most?

Kylie standing in front of her artwork market stall


The people that inspire me the most are the women in small business who are doing it all! Motherhood, working, creating a small business. It can be really tough to do it all and still make sure you're happy at the end of the day. Those women are who inspire me every day to keep doing what I love.

When was the last time you got creative goosebumps?

Textured painting of a bowl of pastel coloured  flowers


Right now! I’ve reduced my available spots so I can unleash some Ideas I’ve had in my mind for a long time! Sometimes you just have to get them out.



We hope you channel some of Kylie’s creative energy and have a go painting with texture at home. She has taught us that the action of exploring art is well worth overcoming any fears you may have – just trust your gut and try creating without intention!



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