11 May 2022Mont Marte

For close to 20 years, Brisbane artist, Kylie Jane (@kyliejaneart) has been brightening other people’s homes with her colourful, acrylic and alcohol ink art. Taking in her surroundings, you’ll often spot a palm tree or two in Kylie’s work, inspired by sunny days and hot Brisbane summers.

When she’s not painting her bright canvases, or hanging out with her two boys, Kylie brings creativity to others in her ink workshops, to excite and inspire many others on their creative journeys. 
We wanted to discover more about Kylie Jane and her favourite mediums, her tips for managing mess and what it’s like creating with kids.

Kylie Jane painting with blue alcohol ink in her studio.

How did you discover your creativity? Was it a gradual process or a surprise discovery?

I always loved creating as a child. My parents bought me a craft book for my birthday when I was just 7 years old, and it had different creative projects, that I was always trying to make. My late grandfather loved crafting in his shed with woodwork and would always paint his creations. He often gave me wooden objects to paint, as a child and it was when I was 18 that I discovered the love for painting on canvas throughout year 12.
My creative process is always evolving and has changed so much in the past 20 years.

You’re originally from Melbourne and now live in Brisbane, how have these cities influenced you creatively?

Given the climate is cool in Melbourne, I used to paint with darker colours, and my work was very moody. I couldn’t return to Melbourne because I loved that I could wake up in Brisbane and the sky was always bright and sunny. This move heavily influenced me to paint in happier brighter colours.

Abstract palm tree artwork with mint green palm trees and a peachy pink sunset background.

What colour palette do you lean to and how do you pick it?

I love my pastel colours and my brights. Blues and greens have always been the colours I lean to.

What’s your favourite medium to use?

Acrylic has always been my favourite and when I get sick of acrylic, I play with alcohol ink. It’s good I can bounce back and forth. Watercolour is my next step, I am dying to attend a watercolour workshop.

Kylie sitting on the ground painting an abstract coloured artwork.

What’s one thing that you do each day to stay creative?

I doodle a lot haha! Even when I’m on the phone I’m generally drawing random shapes and lines! I even doodle while I’m trying to do homework with the kids.

What type of things do you teach people in your workshops?

I mainly host alcohol ink workshops because there aren’t many out there, opposed to all the step-by-step creation workshops, that are popping up everywhere. I teach people that everyone can be taught the same, however everyone has their own individual style, and we will all walk out with something different.
I also teach there is no wrong with art and that is the beauty of it, feeling free. No one can tell you it’s wrong. I talk about the materials we use, where they can buy them, how to use them, negative space, what colour combinations work well together and letting your style shine through play and experimentation.

Kylie with two workshop guests showing their alcohol ink art.

What tips do you have for creating with kids and managing mess?

Have all the materials ready to go and all the cleanup items out before you start.
Plastic party tablecloths are handy to put down to cover tables and they aren’t too expensive.
If you’re painting, have big open water buckets on hand and a warm bath ready to plonk them in! Kid’s attention spans with painting won’t be very long. To save the mess, hand them one colour at a time and a different paint brush for each colour. Ice cream buckets are also handy for art with kids.

Does your family enjoy being creative alongside you?

I wish! I don’t think anyone has got my creative genes, however my youngest does show interest now and then.

An abstract pastel canvas artwork by Kylie Jane.

When was the last time you got creative goose bumps?

I went to the Van Gogh Live Exhibition last year in 2021 and it ready made me feel something only an artist could feel.

What three art supplies would you take to the moon?

Just three, that’s tough! A Mont Marte Double Thick Canvas, a Mont Marte Expressionist Brush and I would have to pick an acrylic paint colour with my eyes closed – like a lucky dip!

Aside from art, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy walking along the water if you can call walking a hobby.

Kylie holding a colourful pastel artwork with spots and patterns.

We’d say that’s a hobby! What’s the most exciting project that you’ve worked on?

Painting in the middle of Brisbane CBD office buildings for Hands on Art Corporate Takeover was a great experience and exhibiting at the Reno Design Show was amazing, being around so many gorgeous interior products. I’ve always had a passion for interior decorating alongside my artwork.


We were lucky enough to have Kylie Jane step us through this tropical abstract landscape project. Follow along as Kylie shows you how to paint your own abstract art with this lesson or paint this abstract rainbow with Kylie.

We hope you feel inspired by Brisbane artist, Kylie Jane and you’re ready to pick up the paint brushes for yourself. #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.