29 Nov 2022Mont Marte

Dipping into coloured oil paints, art for Belinda Nadwie (@belindanadwieart) is much more than just painting a canvas. Belinda creates nonrepresentational art, which unlike abstract art, doesn’t feature a “subject matter.” Instead, it focuses on the senses and feelings of the artwork. The paint colour, texture and placement all influence Belinda’s work, and they can influence how we experience the art too.

Itching to know more, we asked Belinda about her art, where she looks for inspiration and how her journey to creativity came about.

Artist Belinda Nadwie in a bright yellow blouse smilling in her studio in front of paint brushes and paint buckets with her artworks behind her.

How did your journey to becoming an artist unfold? 
I have always been a creative person and would often give artworks to friends and family as gifts. With a background in marketing and sales, I was able to use this knowledge to begin marketing and selling my own paintings. I have been busy painting full time for 7 years. 

You create using a range of mediums, but typically use oil paints to create your artworks, what do you love about oils?
Oil paints are bright, buttery and an absolute delight to use. I love the texture and layering results I can achieve with oils without the colours dulling. 

Colourful artwork by Belinda Nadwie. Painted with oil paints on a canvas, the artwork has lashings of green, blue, pink, yellow and white paint, placed in an abstract way.


Where do you turn to for inspiration?
My art is mostly driven by intuition without preconception and is very feelings-based. I choose a positive outlook on life and embrace being at peace with oneself and hopefully this reflects through my work. Most of my works are non-representational but there are moments when hints of the enduring force of nature flicker across my canvas. I am totally open to whatever comes to me on each different day.

I do take on commission works which I also enjoy because it’s quite a challenge trying to create someone else’s vision and bring it to life.

Your paintings symbolise the power of the mind and positive outlooks. How do you stay positive?
You can choose to wake up every day and either be happy or sad. My choice is obvious. Of course, I have my down moments, but I pick myself up by looking at what I have to be grateful for. My family, my health, my country, my opportunities. Even noticing a pretty butterfly can uplift my spirits. 

A blue artwork on canvas hanging on a white wall next to a white lounge with pink cushions and a modern metal lamp. Painting has dashes of white, navy and pink painted on it.

How do you steer a project that isn’t working?

I let it dry and then paint over it. I don't keep going if I’m making it worse. I use the "stuff up" as a background for a new work. 

Is art more a vocation than a job?
100% for me it is my purpose. It is what I am here to do. 

How do you challenge yourself creatively?
I always try new colour combinations and play whimsically. I do take on a load of commissions which can be more challenging than just free spirited painting, they require much more thought and technique.  

Close up painting of flowers with layers of coloured paint and flowers drawn in oil pastel on top.

How do you name your artworks? 
The name usually just pops right into my head, either while I’m painting or as soon as I’m finished. 

How about growing up, did you come from a creative family yourself?
My mother was a nurse and my father, a mechanic and then a psychologist. My great grandmother was an artist so there’s certainly evidence of a creative bloodline. I have one of her paintings!

Archive photo of Belinda at age 3 painting a canvas with orange paint. Belinda wears a yellow paint smock and red sandals.

 (Above: Belinda as a little artist.)


How nice is that!? What’s the most exciting project that you’ve worked on?
Every project is exciting, but I really loved painting some murals in local public schools. I do this for the children because it can really impact a child's life. The reaction from the students is always very entertaining too. 

What do you teach in your workshops? 
In my workshops, I provide a large canvas and teach the class how to paint using a range of mediums. I let them explore acrylics, oils and spray paints. I usually have a chosen work and teach the class how to achieve this type of artwork, step by step. (it’s a quick version). We have a break for lunch, it's a wonderful day. 

Belinda holding a large artwork of flowers in her home. Wearing jumper and jeans with paint splats in a modern home with white walls.

What’s next? What’s on the cards for the future?  
I have ideas of overseas travel and exhibitions but in the meantime, I’ll keep painting, holding classes and coming up with new pieces. 

We hope that you feel inspired by Belinda Nadwie’s art. Show us what you create and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see it!

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