09 Feb 2024Mont Marte

Let’s dive into a Q&A with Filipino artist, Beysie Ibabao (@bikangarts). We asked all about her thoughts on posting art to social media, as well as her creative inspirations and process. Get to know Beysie by reading on!


1. How did it feel when you started to show people your work for the first time?

Portrait of a person with cloudy sky for hair and a bird perched on their head


I’ve been drawing since I was little so it’s not really new to me to show my creations, but I still feel nervous and overwhelmed at the same time every time someone sees my work, especially when they like them.

2. When was the last time you had a buzz after you made something?

I think my BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) Series of paintings. Their music and they as people actually got me through a very rough time – that’s why I was so inspired to paint every member. I remember I got goosebumps while painting and even now when I listen to their music, it takes me back to that time they unknowingly helped me.

I actually got noticed a little online, maybe because I painted a very popular group, and I gained a number of followers as well. It’s a wonderful feeling getting compliments and knowing my art resonated with a lot of people.

3. Do you have an organised home or a bustling home? What does your creative space look like?



 I’m really organised as a person. I tend to put everything away as I’m done with a certain task – the same is true for my creative space. For example, if I don’t finish a certain painting, I at least try to clean around it and put stuff away so I am inspired to continue doing art the next day.

4. Who would you switch lives with for a day?

I don’t have a specific person that I would want to switch lives with, but I know I want it to be with a scuba diver. Just because I don’t know how to swim, haha. I want to explore the world underwater and swim with the whales and fish and touch the beautiful corals up close, not confined in a glass aquarium.

5. When do you find that you’re most creative?

Portrait of a person with long, flaming locks and porcelain-like cracks in their skin


I can’t really tell when I’m most creative since it just comes naturally at times or not at all. But I find my creative juices flowing more late at night or in the early morning. I basically procrastinate during the day. And yes, deadlines, work-related deadlines, keep me going. Whenever I have a deadline nearing, trust me, I’m suddenly over-fixated on my work art.

6. How has social media influenced your art journey?

Social media has tremendously influenced my art in the past few years. I get inspired by artists who consistently live their passion and maintain their online presence. I am also able to show my art to a wider audience and interact with artists alike. But I recently toned down on social media as I sometimes feel pressure to post to be seen and be relevant. Instead, I now only post whenever it’s feasible. I just let the algorithm show my art to whoever it wants to be shown to and I’m still very grateful to the few people who love my creations.

7. How do you pick your artwork subject matter?



 I actually create through feelings, depicted in female portraits. I find the female form not just easier to draw, but also very graceful; feelings flow just by staring at it. I find it easier to show feelings through the hair, eyes, mouth and even fingertips.

8. What’s a valuable creative lesson you’ve learned?

Staying grounded and remembering the reason you create art. For me, it’s because I love the feeling of creating as it takes me to my own secret little world away from all the stress. I want my passion and feelings to reflect in my creations, which is also the reason I stepped back from social media.

There was a time when I burnt out from all the trends I had to keep up with, and I quickly realized that I wasn’t made for this. I don’t want to rush my art just to grow followers. I’m already grateful to the very few people who see my art and appreciate it. Sure, it’s nice to have more people follow you, but I want to grow slowly and organically.

9. Where do you like to go to unwind?

Portrait of a person with rocky mountains and waterfalls for hair, and tree antlers


I don’t have a specific place that I like to go to unwind. Funnily enough, I de-stress by commuting on the bus. I blast my noise-cancelling headphones, with no certain destination in mind. I’m a homebody, so whenever I want to unwind, I hop on a bus and listen to my favourite music.


10. What time period or decade would you go back to for creative inspiration?

I grew up in the 90s. Back then, there was no social media, and so I mainly did anime art at the time. I would want to go back to that certain period of my life where creating was more fun and re-live the feeling of just creating without the pressure of people online. I have developed my skills a lot, but to this day, that period was my most creative era.



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