25 Mar 2024Mont Marte

Get into the creative mind set of Filipino artist Bianca Luztre (@biancaluztreart). We asked her loads of questions about her art process, interests, and inspiration, so read on to find out more!

What creative project were you nervous about starting, that turned out amazing?

Colour swatches next to a landscape watercolour painting


Launching my colour mixing class.


I was always in search of the perfect greens for my landscapes and the best purple pigment for my florals. Then I realised that I should be improving my colour mixing skills instead of purchasing endless tubes of paint.


While doing all the research, daily testing, and mixing and matching primary colours, I thought that this could also help others. So, I drafted a class and published it, and students were loving it!

We know you love watercolours! What’s a different art medium that you’d like to explore?

Watercolour landscape in muted blues and yellows


Watercolour is not my first love but it’s my true love. I like the immediacy of this medium and how versatile it is.


On the other hand, I find soft pastels a bit of a challenge. I guess it’s my preference towards wet mediums that makes this even more challenging.

Where do you go for creative inspiration?

Pink and purple sunset watercolour painting of mountains


There are lots of things I do when I need a dose of inspiration:

-   I take a walk – it gets your blood flowing which is good for the brain

-   I watch animated movies – it’s interesting to see how ideas are represented by other artists

-   I open my art books – specifically, the Spectrum series

-   I watch children draw – you’d be surprised by how they see the world with their eyes

How do you steer a project that isn’t working?

Realistic wtercolour lanscape with muted earth tones


If there’s a project that doesn’t go the way I want it to, I evaluate it first. Ask “why” five times to determine the root cause of the problems. To the best of my abilities, I will address those concerns. If I fail, I’ll seek help.


If that fails too, then it’s time to steer this project in a different direction or give up and start a new one.

How about growing up, did you come from a creative family yourself?

Watercolour painting of a hand holding white flowers


Almost all of my siblings can draw in their own style. One draws with coloured pencils, some sketch with pens and most draw with graphite pencils.


I’m one of eight but I get really inspired when my sisters and I draw together or critique each other's work. My mom can sing, and my dad does technical drawings. 

What would you tell your younger self?

Polaroid style watercolour landscape painting with a caption


Know the difference between what’s important and what’s urgent.


Sure, those school projects are your priority right now. Maintaining your grades means keeping your scholarship, right? But remember your childhood dreams?


Yes, teaching. And you cannot pour from an empty cup so keep learning. Don’t stop sketching, pursue watercolours and don’t give up just because it’s “hard to control”.


I know I don’t make sense right now and if you’re doubting your future self, at least listen to that tiny voice in you.


You got this.

If you had no time frame, what would you love to create?

Series of watercolour landscape paintings surrounded by colour swatching


A book, well, lots of them. A photo book containing my old and recent works. A colour swatch book with all the primary colour combinations I tested. An art book teaching others how I have managed to paint every day since 2018. And a children’s book with where I am both the author and the illustrator. This will be a collection of my weird, vivid dreams. And perhaps a lot more books with the same goal of inspiring others and helping them find joy in painting and discovering their talents.

What’s your favourite time of day?

Bianca's office space with paintings on the walls by the desk


I’m a morning person and I get most of the hard work done first thing in the morning. I love the cool breeze and quiet surroundings. I am most productive and efficient after sunrise, and I get really tired in the afternoon.

What does a Sunday afternoon look like for you?

Bianca and her family in a yellow flower field


For the past few months, Sunday afternoons have been my favourite time of the week.

This usually means more family time, lots of cuddles and rest, and a time to sketch and paint outside – which is a skill that I’m aiming to improve.


It’s a time to pause, unwind, disconnect (with the online world), and connect with family and friends.

What are your tips on how to improve at art?

Watercolour sketch of a small fairy house with a picket fence


Paint daily. Magic happens when you do what you love every day.


This doesn’t mean that you have to finish one artwork a day. What I meant is give time, even just a few minutes, to your art and establish a regular painting/drawing/crafting routine and you’ll be surprised with the results in a year’s time.


I can vouch for this. It was in June 2018 when I decided that I would devote a few minutes daily to make small but consistent improvements in my watercolour skills.



We’re feeling totally inspired by Bianca’s passion and creativity. She has taught us that it’s well worth dedicating time to art – just a few minutes a day can make a huge impact.


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