09 Jul 2024
Mediums Paint Painting

Chloe Williams

"Life can sometimes take over, but I find that if I’m in a creative mood, then that’s what I’ll do, everything else can wait! And as soon as I don’t feel it anymore, I stop. This works best for me and gives me the best results, otherwise I end up rushing, not paying attention to detail and not enjoying the process which is the whole point of it for me!"

Meet texture artist Chloe Williams (@bloompaletteartistry) who specialises in bold botanical paintings that pop off the page! She's a fan of all kinds of creative pursuits, from dimensional painting to glass art. 

As an engineer by trade, Chloe has a unique perspective on being creative, taking inspiration from everything around her. She feels that expressing herself through art is natural, and brings moving sensory experiences to life with different mediums.