31 Jan 2023Mont Marte

We reckon you should be able to find the right art tools, no matter where you are on your creative journey. That’s why we’ve put our product ranges into levels so it’s easy to discover new tools. But what’s the difference? From Mont Marte Signature to Discovery, Premium and Play, we’re breaking it all down in this guide to Mont Marte products.



Child holding a kid's paint brush and painting a yellow figure with coloured paints around the paper, on a green table.

Truth be told, little ones love to create and many of us started our creative journeys as little artists ourselves. Our Play range is dedicated to encouraging little artists to explore, experience and express themselves through arts and crafts. From Poster Paints, to brushes, markers and more, there’s a heap in this range to play around with.


So, whether you’ve got young ones or you’re just young at heart, our play range is great for finding affordable tools for little artists.


Products to check out in the Play range:

- Poster Paint range

- Play Brush Set 7pc

- Mammoth Markers 50pc

- Modelling Clay 400g, 24pc

- Coloured Paper Pad A4, 120 sheets 70gsm

Or, check out the full Play range here!


A Mont Marte Discovery sketchbook with watercolour pans and a brush on a purple table.

If you’re wanting to start your creative journey but still looking for the right tools, turn to our Discovery products. This range includes watercolour sets, brushes, markers and sketchbooks -- all set at great prices, making it easy for anyone to give art a go!


Products to check out in the Discovery range:

- Brushes Discovery 15pc

- Round Plastic Palette Discovery 17cm (6.7in)

- Watercolour Cake Set 38pc

- Sketchbook Discovery A4, 150gsm

- Crafters Colour 48pc Set x 60ml

Or, check out the full Discovery range here!


Mont Marte metallic oil pastels next to a drawing with a palette knife on a white table.

If you’re looking for a wider range of tools, the Mont Marte Signature range has you covered. This range is full of great value and includes a large selection of art supplies that you can count on, spanning from polymer clay to gouache paints, oil pastels, storage boxes and canvases.

So, whether it’s a school project, a weekend activity or you’re finally starting that passion project, our Signature range offers great quality with value you can count on.


Products to check out in the Signature range:

- Vivid Colours Acrylic Paint Set Signature 80pc x 3.5ml (0.1 US fl.oz)

- Gallery Series Brush Sets

- Visual Art Diary Signature 110gsm A4 120 Page

- Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 100g (3.5oz) 10pc

- Sketching Set in Wooden Box Signature 21pc

Or, check out the full Signature range here!


5 different hues of Mont Marte orange paint squeezed out of the tube, onto a white table.

You’ll find even more in the Mont Marte Premium range including Water Mixable Oils, Dimension Acrylics, pouring paints and individual brushes.

This range is fantastic for artists, designers, illustrators, art students and creatives alike, who are looking to get their hands on quality art products for a range of different projects.


Products to check out in the Premium range:

- Oil Paint Premium range

- Dimension Acrylic range

- Satin Acrylic range

- Dual Tip Art Markers

- Individual brushes: Watercolour Goat Hair Brush, Taklon Short Bright range, Watercolour Mop Brushes.

Or, check out the full Premium range here!


A single Mont Marte Artiste watercolour mop brush laying on a white table next to the packaging.

Finally, our Artiste level. Take your artworks up a notch with the highest quality materials around. Whether you’re an artist or just a lover of the luxe, you’ll find only the best of the best here.

From handmade brushes to linen canvases, this range is comparable to high-end art brands, and where you’ll find all of our fine art supplies, still at great prices.


Products to check out in the Artiste range:

- Cotton Watercolour Paper Artiste A4 200gsm

- Cotton Watercolour Paper Artiste A5 200gsm

- Big Red Easel Beech

- Watercolour Mop brush range

- Linen canvas range

 Or, check out the full Artiste range here!

We hope our guide to Mont Marte product levels helps you decide which tools to choose the next time you’re feeling creative. You can browse our entire range both in store and online, or check out more of our guides here.