07 Jun 2024Mont Marte

We have compiled a handy guide to walk you through our polymer products and explain the best tools to use to get the most out of your next clay project.

Polymer clay range


Mont Marte carries a broad range of polymer clay colours and sizes available in sets or solo. Our polymer clay is ‘Make n Bake' and it really is that simple! For our 400g slab polymer clay range, we carry 12 different colours, while our 60g packets are available in a whopping 63 colours. If you feel like trying a bunch of different colours, we also offer a 75pc set with 36 vibrant colours and a metallic polymer clay set with 10 colours included.


Once you settle on your colour choice, you’ll find the clay easy to condition, knead, blend, and cut as it feels soft and smooth to the touch. The clay has also been made for good shape stability, meaning there is minimal shrinkage or changes when you bake it. Post-bake, it can be drilled, sanded and cut so long as it is fully cured and dry. Our polymer clay can be used by anyone and is even easier to work with when combined with our nifty, made-for-purpose polymer clay tools!

Clay press

Blue to green polymer clay ombre being fed through clay press


To make blending polymer clay colours a little easier, check out our polymer clay press. The press is versatile, with 9 different thickness settings to achieve a variety of effects. Marbling, patterns, and creating evenly flat sheets of clay is made simple with minimal mess so anyone can get involved. The press even comes with a handy table clamp to keep it stable while you work. Overall, it’s very easy to use and is very similar to conditioning polymer clay with a pasta machine! We’ve got a handy video showing how to condition your polymer clay, featuring our clay press.



We have tools to simplify polymer and air dry clay projects as much as possible, with convenient cutters to create shapes quickly. Our set comes with 10 pieces that are ideal for making jewellery and other clay crafts. The cutters are made from sturdy stainless steel, meaning you can create clean shapes and cuts time and time again. Simply line the cutter’s thin side up with the clay area you would like to cut. Press down on the thicker side and then lift! Your shape will be good to go. Check out our inspo article to get the ball rolling on polymer clay earring ideas!

Standard roller

Pink polymer clay being rolled out with a clear acrylic roller


In addition to our polymer clay press, our polymer clay roller can be used to blend, condition, marble, and flatten your clay. Use it instead of or alongside the clay press, either for conditioning polymer clay by hand or just to smooth out finer details. Our how to condition your polymer clay video runs you through the best way to use a roller to flatten your clay. Our polymer clay roller is also transparent so you can see through it to your designs as you flatten them out. It can be used with modelling and air dry clays for conditioning and levelling and is super easy to clean with a smooth finish. It’s a handy tool when sculpting and flattening your clay slab, making clay creations quick and simple!

Levelling roller


Create even clay slabs with ease using our Polymer Clay Levelling Roller Signature. ­This clever clay rolling pin includes three colour-coded band sets from 1 – 6mm (0.04 – 0.24in) to get you an accurate level slab every time. This sculpting tool features a solid, smooth design for conditioning, levelling and pressing clay. Use it on polymer, modelling, air dry clay sculptures, DIY, and jewellery projects.

Textured rollers


Roll intricate embossed patterns using our Polymer Clay Textured Clay Rollers. Inside the pack are two sturdy embossed rollers with different designs for easy use and cleaning. Roll them over conditioned clay to reveal an even embossed texture. These sculpting tools are great for DIY, jewellery-making and craft design on polymer and modelling clays. 

Hole punch set

Hole punch set used in size order on pink polymer clay


Similar to our cutters, our polymer clay hole punch set makes creating clean holes in your clay nice and easy. The set has 16 differently sized pieces ranging from 1mm in diameter to 10mm (0.04in-0.39in), which lets you create perfectly round holes and circular details with clay. Suitable for both polymer and air dry clays, the hole punch tools mean everyone can have a go and bring their designs to life.


Using them is straightforward:

  • Place the silver end of the hole punch lightly on your clay where you would like to cut out a circle
  • Once you have it in place, press down on the coloured plastic end firmly
  • Lift up the hole punch and pop the clay out of the hole!

Double sided clay press


Make intricate botanical designs effortlessly by using a double sided press. These silicone moulds are quick and easy, just pop some conditioned clay into the mould, press, trim off any excess clay, and carefully open to reveal the design! They're great for making consistent shapes and impressions, ideal for DIY jewellery, décor, embellishments, and more!

Flexible knife set

Flexible knife cutting curved edge into pink polymer clay

Our polymer clay flexible knife set comes with 3 different kinds of blades for cutting clay products. You can use them with polymer, air dry, and modelling clays to achieve different effects and slices, including straight, curved, and zig-zag cuts. Using them is simple: hold onto the safety handles and apply pressure to the area of clay you’d like to slice and dice! The blades themselves are thin and sharp so they will glide through your clay with ease and are flexible for curved cutting options. Cleaning is simple, just with dishwashing liquid and water. The set is great for making clay jewellery, knick-knacks, and other crafts.

Gloss clay varnish

Gloss Clay Varnish applied to red and black polymer clay


Our Mont Marte clay varnish is an awesome finishing touch to any polymer or air dry clay project. It seals, protects, and leaves a glossy finish on your creations, helping them to stand the test of time. It’s best applied in thin, multiple coats, drying with a waterproof finish that is awesome for DIY plant pots and other outdoor crafts. You’ll find your clay colours or paints are enhanced as the varnish dries, boosting their vibrancy with a glossy touch. We’ve got a handy video that goes over the best way to finish your clay pieces with our gloss clay varnish, why not check it out?



Fingers crossed this guide has helped you understand our full range of polymer clay products 😊 We hope you unlock their full potential on your next clay project and have a go experimenting with our polymer tools.


If you feel inspired to pick up some clay or clay tools and get creating, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what you create!

Looking for more? Check out our Projects & How-to collection for some inspiration. If you need supplies or want to experiment with one of the products mentioned, jump online to check out our polymer clay range.