19 Sep 2023Mont Marte

DIY some trending home décor and play with colour! We’ve gathered a bunch of colour block paint ideas from talented artists to get you thinking about what to create. Colour blocking is a simple concept with bold colours and designs. Grab your paints and let’s go!


Colourful landscape

1. Textured abstract landscape in pastel colours with bold black and white outlines


If you love soft, pastel colours, have a go at this textured abstract art landscape. We’ve got a video to run you through the process step-by-step; you can explore different colour options to put your own spin on it! This artwork uses bright, flat colour placement with impasto strokes, simple patterns, and bold outlines.


Abstract natural forms

2. @studioj2 vibrant tropical artwork with colour blocked plants and shapes


Image: @studioj2

Take inspiration from nature and try to capture it in an abstract way using vibrant colours. This artist has blocked out tropical plant shapes with their colour placement, letting the overall landscape be filled in optically as you take it in. These colours feel tropical, with warm tones bringing life to the environment.


Colour block patterns

3. @ragtagmagpie1658 textured dimensional abstract piece with verical colour stripes framed by organic colour blocking


Image: @ragtagmagpie1658

Check out the use of colour blocking to create patterns with depth in this artwork. The vertical stripes layered under the organic shapes bring dimension to this painting in a simple but effective way. Which colours would you pick to make a pattern?


Shapes in abstract art

4. @chris_daniels_art abstract geometric artwork with layered, striped trapeziums


Image: @chris_daniels_art

Using colour blocking to create geometric shapes and overlapping patterns is a great way to bring depth to your artwork. Changing the direction of the lines in these trapeziums helps to separate each shape, clearly outlining the layers without adding shadows or highlights. This technique uses a limited palette with a straightforward concept – have a go creating your own shape stack at home!


Coloured line art




Image: @poppykeyart

Use this satisfying drip painting technique to create a layered colour blocking masterpiece. Poppy Key shows us how in this step-by-step project, so you can have a go at home. This artwork uses pastel colours, but you can experiment with dripping your fave shades for different effects.


Abstract gradient

6. @chris_daniels_art dimensional colour blocking artwork with rectangles of colour creating and ombre effect


Image: @chris_daniels_art

Put your own spin on a colour gradient using rectangle colour blocks! Pick 2-3 colours and some of the shades that separate them on the colour wheel. Lay down a row of identical rectangles moving from lightest to darkest shades for each colour. Add dimension by including additional rows above and below, bringing your main row to the forefront. This simple concept is dynamic and striking so have a go at home for some trending DIY wall art.


Pop art style

7. Pop art style painting with 4 cats in different colours and backgrounds


Get inspired by Andy Warhol and other pop art artists to look at colour blocking in a new light! Pop art uses flat, contrasting colour placement to draw the eye and depict popular subject matter, in this case – cats! We have a handy art lesson you can follow to make this masterpiece at home, so grab your bright colours and get creating!


Shapes in abstract art

8. @emilyhamiltonillustration colourful pastel artwork of leaves, petals, and shapes


Image: @emilyhamiltonillustration

Doodle some 1D shapes, plants, and florals to explore colour blocking fundamentals. This artwork has layered shapes in pastel colours, creating an organic pattern. It’s great on its own, or as a background to a larger illustration. Try out this technique by grabbing some Acrylic Colour Pastel Paints and painting some abstract shapes!



9. @alfredocristianoartist abstract colour block painting inspired by magnolias


Image: @alfredocristianoartist

This artist took inspiration from magnolia flowers for this piece, using bold colour placement to embody the feeling and impression of the florals. Picturisation is when you adapt something into a picture or film, and it’s a great source of colour block ideas. Find something you love, whether it’s a flower or a song, and bring it to life with abstract colour.


Modernism art style

10. @ragtagmagpie1658 coastal abstract art in shades of blue, green, and grey


Image: ragtagmagpie1658

Modernism art encompasses many styles and techniques, focussing on the rejection of historical and conservative values. This artwork breaks realism conventions, depicting coastal themes and subject matter through abstract colour blocking. You can feel the ocean vibes through the blue and green colour palette, organic shapes, and flowing linework.



Hopefully, these striking artworks have inspired you to explore colour blocking in art and DIY some trending, vibrant paintings. Explore using your fave colours to put your own spin on it – the sky’s the limit!


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