09 Feb 2024Mont Marte

Explore this collection of pattern artworks to get inspired and create a print that’s uniquely you. There’s no one way to make a pattern, so find a technique or style that sparks your imagination and put your own spin on it! Get your supplies at the ready and read on to get inspired.

Art design journal

1. Blue patterns sketched on the open white pages of a journal


Image: @jenniferwilkinpenick

Give yourself a space to explore all kinds of designs by dedicating a journal to pattern making! This artist fills the pages of her sketchbook with a variety of patterns, trying out loads of different compositions, linework, and shapes. With so many pages to fill, you may find yourself experimenting more freely and finding new ways to create!

Nature patterns

2. Purple, pink, and orange leaf patterns on paper


Image: @thewishingink

Take a leaf out of nature’s book (literally) and find inspiration outdoors. Draw leaves, flowers, plants, and other flora to create unique patterns. This ink artwork ramps up the natural colour spectrum to create bold contrast for a striking design.

Tartan painting

3. Pink and red tartan pattern drawing done with markers


Image: @cecilia__pettersson

Take out the markers or paints to have a go at replicating a traditional print. Dive into tartan, gingham, houndstooth, and other classic patterns to learn about the importance of overlapping colours and clean lines. You could even expand into fashion artwork if the style piques your interest!


4. Mondrian patterened sneakers with red, blue, and yellow squares


Level up something you already own by adding a fun print! We can show you how to DIY acrylic paint pen sneakers, using Mondrian patterns. That way you can wear your art wherever you go!

Bookmark with watercolour

5. Floral watercolour bookmark with pale pink and purple flowers


Image: @an_aesthete09

Make yourself a patterned bookmark using strips of watercolour paper and watercolours. By layering soft hues of pink, lilac, and peach, this artist brought to life a floral print that’s delicate and satisfying. Watercolour is great for creating dimension as the paints are transparent, letting the colours beneath shine through as you layer them.

Doodle patterns

6. Nature and animal drawings in a journal with colourful dotted background


Image: @artbyshiri

Doodle some of your favourite things and make it into a pattern! Adding recurring prints like the colourful dots in this design helps tie together the sketches to make it one cohesive print. This is a fun way to kick off your pattern adventure!

Pattern shape design

7. Rhino with pineapple pattern on a gold background


Capture a subject using patterns by drawing them inside a shape. Check out how to make this pineapple print rhinoceros by following along with our project video. Just grab some Dimension Acrylics and get creating!

Blue pattern

8. Abstract painting with many short strokes of blue, green, and white


Image: @painter_cikarda | Website

Take a more abstract look at pattern design and use a colour theme for your artwork. This painting uses shades of blue, green, and white to create a layered print with a modern feel. The short strokes have an impressionist feeling to them, with lots of analogous colours peeking through the layers.

Oranges pattern

9. Bright orange pattern on white sketch paper held against a leafy background


Image: @colorwinks_

Check out this bold and bright fruit pattern! It’s a simple design that draws the eye with bold contrast between the shades of orange, green, and white. Making the painting flat and 2D keeps it stylised for a fun, fresh look.

Polymer clay slab patterns

10. Circular polymer clay pattern using green, blue, and pink colours


Play with polymer to create physical patterns by layering and moulding different clay colours. This effect is built up through layering colours, rolling them into a tube, cutting discs off, and pressing them together. Explore this clay pattern technique and more by having a look at our how-to video.



We hope this gallery of pattern art projects has motivated you to try something new. Whether you start a journal for your prints or add a new pattern to some sneakers, there’s loads of ways to bring your intricate designs to life at home.


If you have a go at making a pattern, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook to show us what you come up with! If you need some more ideas, check out our Inspo collection.


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