06 Aug 2023Mont Marte

Get inspired by all things creepy and crawly with these 12 insect drawings. From a tarantula drawing to a cicada and even a mantis drawing, we’re taking a look at the big world of bugs.

1. Moth drawing

1. Drawing of a moth on white paper with patterned wings.


Image: bermigram

We know moths can cause a bit of havoc, but they’re also wonderful creatures to draw. Give them a chance and get inspired by their unique wing designs or play around with patterns and textures to design your own insect drawing.


2. Dragonfly sketch

2. Realistic drawing of a dragon fly drawn on white paper using graphite pencil.


Image: debfisherart

If sketches or studies are more your style, try an insect sketch with graphite like this dragonfly. Dragonflies sadly have short life spans, (generally around a week to a month and a half), but a dragonfly drawing like this can capture their beauty long after.


3. A bunch of beetles

3. Three pieces of white paper with various coloured beetles drawn


Image: lynda_evasion

Whether you love them or hate them, beetles are a really great source of inspo! With so many varieties, colours and patterns, the options really are endless. If you love monochrome, try crosshatching and loose scribbling for texture. Or pick up the coloured pencils like in this idea.


4. Cicada in watercolour

4. Drawing of a cicada painted in watercolour next to an open watercolour palette with brushes


Bring an insect drawing to life by dipping into watercolours. This medium is great for insects because you can easily build up the opacity for the areas you need or use the white of the paper for the wings like this cicada. Check out how with this project.


5. Tarantula drawing

5. Drawing of tarantula on white paper drawn with coloured pencils


Image: alexdrawsspiders 

OK, so we know technically spiders aren't insects, but we couldn't go past this one! Get creative (from a distance) with a tarantula drawing. These critters come in a range of different species, but we’ll be honest and say they’re not as exciting to be around in real life. Jump online and surf the web (sorry, we had to) before picking up the coloured pencils.


6. Mantis drawing

6. Drawing of a mantis insect on white paper in graphite next to a watercolour pan palette and 4 brushes.


Image: dannymonroy_.art
One of the more harmless insects, (unless you’re a mantis too!) a mantis drawing is a great way to get inspired. Take a look at their long, spiked legs, large eyes and thin antenna, then grab a sketch book and start drawing. Or reach for the markers or watercolours to turn your mantis into a masterpiece.


7. Ladybug watercolour

7. Lady bug watercolour drawing, painted with watercolours


Image: the_gallery_of_bones
Another beautiful insect, is of course the ladybug. With their iconic red and black spotted wings, try your hand at this insect drawing then play about with coloured pencils or create a ladybug watercolour work.


8. Unnatural selection

8. Not for emails- Realistic drawing of a rhino beetle with mechanical cogs inside the body


Image: mathilde_cathelain 

Still not sure what you’d like to create? We reckon a Surrealist take on a beetle will spring your mind into gear. Combine the natural world with the man-made world and see what you come up with.


9. Christmas beetle drawing

9. Drawing of a Christmas beetle, coloured with green and yellow markers

Image: fayecassonart
If you’re looking to mess about with coloured pencil shading or coloured marker transitions, try a Christmas beetle drawing. Their iridescent wings have a duo-chrome look to them, shifting from green to yellow or light to dark brown in the light.


10. Try monochrome

10. Realistic insect drawing of a cockroach drawn in blue pen


Image: avesh.arts

Challenge yourself by drawing an insect with just one colour. This ballpoint pen drawing took 4-5 hours to complete, so if you’re up for the challenge, remember to not be too harsh on yourself and take plenty of breaks.


11. Fineliner drawing

11. Hand holding a black fine liner marker and drawing a damsel fly in a sketchbook


Image: aaronschallie 

Reach for a sketchbook and try creating an insect drawing with fineliners. Whether you have time for a quick sketch or you’re looking to create a detailed masterpiece, it’s a great way to test your skills.


12. Spy a fly

12. Not for emails - drawing of a fly wearing a coat drawn in a cartoon style.


Image: ghosty.bird

The most important part of drawing insects is just to have fun! Play around with different styles like cartoons, comics or even anime and take a whole new direction with your insect drawing.

We hope that you feel inspired to create your own insect drawing. We’d love to see what you create, be sure to #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook.

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