09 Jul 2023Mont Marte

Whether you’re a fashionista or you’re just looking for a reason to grab the sketchbook out, strike a pose with these 12 outfit drawing ideas.


1. Get sketching

1. Sketch drawing of a fashionable woman with a rolled up jumper and cross body bag


Image: strawberry.drawing

Whether you’re inspired by a photo on the web, by a friend or by street style, find a look you love and try drawing it. Adding extras, like bags and rolled-up sleeves, can make your drawing more realistic and add interest to your work too.



2. Look at the runway

2. Fashion illustration drawing of a blue dress with black belt and neck cape


Image: zenniskidesignes

Looking for a theme for fashion illustration? Check out what’s happening on the runway, reach for your pencils and get drawing! The runway is always a great place for ideas, so if you love a look, don’t be afraid of adding a bit of pizzaz and imagination to your drawing too. Adding long trains, capes and extra embroidered details are always fun ways to get creative.



3. Grab some art markers
3. Drawing of a man wearing a suit with yellow vest and striped tie with hat.

Image: lara_klawikowski_illustration

Why not sketch an outfit you like, then reach for the alcohol markers to add colour and detail like this outfit drawing idea. When it comes to drawing male outfits, don’t be afraid to play around with patterns on ties or mess about with accessories like hats.



4. Draw in the details

4. Close up drawing of a woman's sari blouse, drawn in fine liners.


Image: art.byakshita Website: artbyakshita.com

If you’re not ready for a full outfit drawing or you’re a fashion-lover looking to do something creative while watching the tele we’ve got an idea! Try a simple clothes drawing instead, by focusing on just one feature and not an entire head-to-toe look. Have a go with collars, finer details on clothes and have fun drawing them in a sketchbook or journal.



5. Play around with prints

5. Fashion illustration drawing of a woman wearing a fruit print dress and large white hat


Image: zenniskidesignes

Looking to add something extra to a casual dress drawing? Play around with prints! Add something fun like bright florals, polka dots, stripes, or a fun fruity pattern, then grab some art markers to add a real statement to your look!



6. Outfit in situ

6. Sketch of a woman in situ drinking a coffee and wearing fashionable clothes with a jumper tied around her neck.


Image: strawberry.drawing

Why not try your hand at different angles and composition with your outfit drawings. Take note of the different fabrics and how they might sit on the body too, like draped coats, tight knitwear and tied up jumpers.



7. Try a satin for size

7. Fashion illustration of a woman wearing a pink outfit, with a Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Paint Tube next to it.


Image: agiantpocket

Bring your outfit drawing idea to life and try creating in colour! Our Satin Acrylics are great for getting those bold colours in, with a semi-matte finish.



8.  Have fun with fabrics

8. Fashion illustration of a woman wearing a detailed purple dress with feather detail


Image: essatelierr

Put your skills to the test and have a play with fabrics! We’re talking tulle, feathers, glitter and embroidery. These are all fun things to try when it comes to outfit drawing ideas.



9. Go monochrome

9. Black and white marker drawing of a person wearing zebra print pants and black ankle boots.


Image: amiel.skt

Wanting to add some sophistication to a simple clothes drawing? Go monochrome! Try using a black fine liner or art marker onto your designs, or challenge yourself with fun prints like zebra and leopard.



10.  Try coloured pencils

10. Fashion drawing of a woman wearing a red detailed sari drawn in coloured pencils.


Image: the_paintedcanvasbymisty

Coloured pencils are great for fashion illustration drawings! Once you’re happy with the colours and details, you can use the burnishing technique to blend your colours and create nice gradients like this stunning red.



11. Striking street style

11. Three trendy outfits drawn in a fashion illustration style in a sketchbook.


Image: sarahs_art___

If you’re looking for interesting outfit drawing ideas, turn to the street for inspiration. Whether it’s a bustling city, the weekend markets or even what’s trending in the shops, there’s always great drawing inspiration in the world around us.



12. Add accessories

12. Outfit drawing of two people wearing yellow, floral printed outfits.


Image: muse_xpression

Accessories are always great to add some extra flair to your outfit drawing ideas. Try experimenting with different bags, purses and clutches.



We hope that you feel inspired to create your own outfit drawings. Try one for yourself and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create. Or browse our range of pencils and markers here.