21 May 2023Milly Scott

TikTok is a great place to find inspirations for your next project but it can be hard knowing where to start searching, so we’ve rounded up 15 easy painting idea TikToks for you to try.


1. Improvise with impasto


@auroraart.co Paint w me 🎨🌷#auroraart #acrylicpainting #motheranddaughter #satisfyingvideo #painting #art #artist #melbourne #timelapse ♬ STAY - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber


TikTok: auroraart.co

Impasto is a great way to thicken your paints and it’s a fun painting idea to play around with the next time you’re staring at a blank canvas. Try adding impasto and playing with different brush strokes like this painting idea from TikTok.


2. Quick fire creating


@jasmine.kroeze I’m feeling a little flat and uninspired today! 🌼🌾🌹so I painted a little quick fire 10min situation on some paper to blast out the cobwebs! 🕸 I love how it’s low pressure and I’m embracing the practise of being 100% intuitive, as usually I am such a planner with my paintings!! 🍂 @jasmine.kroeze 🍂 #fyp #abstractart_daily #abstractartorg #artonline #abstractaddict #artforhome #interiorproject #interiortrends #artbuyer #buyartonline #todaysartreport #artforinteriors #artforyourhome #abstractpainter #artpractise #artchallenges #artexercise #nzart #nzartists #resenepaints #arthealsthesoul #arthealing #arthealstheheart ♬ Daydream - Carly Pearl


TikTok: Jasmine.kroeze


Feeling a little uninspired? We love this easy painting idea tiktok from Jasmine Kroeze. Set aside 10 minutes of quick drawing time, then pick up the paints and bring your drawings to life. It’s great for learning to paint intuitively or if you’re struggling to squeeze in creative time for yourself.


3. Try texture


@courtneymixedstudio you saw this first before my IG 😈#pantone #yellow💛 #interiordesigner #yummy #satisfyingart #howtoart #artcollectors #abstract #texture #artprocess ♬ drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo



TikTok: courtneymixedstudio


Texture is a great way to add a whole new dimension to your work, and this painting idea from TikTok makes it look pretty easy too. Add some modelling paste to your canvas, then grab the paints and experiment with different textures and colours. It’s a good way to try out new colour combinations!


4. Dabble with drops

@montmarteart Just giving it a whirl over here! 🌀🌀 Our Acrylic Colour range are super creamy, pigmented and affordable, making them an awesome go-to acrylic paint 🎨 #montmarteart #montmarteartsupplies #montmartepaints #arttok #artistsoftiktok #acrylic #acrylicpainting #acrylicpaint ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

TikTok: montmarteart


If you’re not too sure where to start or you’ve been staring at a blank canvas for too long, try this canvas painting idea tiktok. Grab your favourite colours and squeeze out small drops onto the canvas. Then use a flat brush (an abstract expression brush blends like a dream), to sweep and swirl the paint in one motion, and organically blending the colours together using movement.


5. Fun with flowers

@byclairemonique Day 3 of 40 days of art #40daysofart #flowers #garden #watercolor #painter #melbourne #australia ♬ SILENT GARDEN - Abaco

TikTok: byclairemonique


When was the last time you played with watercolours? For most of us it’s probably been a while, but if you haven’t picked up watercolours before, or it’s been too long between sessions, take this as a cue to play around with them again! A fun garden is a great place to start, and you can use scrapbooking or washi tape as a border if you’re a little worried about making a mess. So, go on and give it a go!


6. A circular canvas

@jasmine.kroeze Inspired by ice cream 🍦 today!! #icecream #paletteknife #tiktokartist #abstractart #creativestudio #artistoftiktok #artist #creativeprocess #colour ♬ Ice Cream - BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez

TikTok: Jasmine.kroeze


Here’s another canvas painting idea tiktok to try. Grab a circular canvas or wooden board and create something new on a different surface. Palette knives or pour painting can be a bunch of fun on a circular canvas or just reach for your favourite colours and unleash your inner artist!

7. Pour painting


@amberfisherart #arttiktok #art #arttutorial #arttherapy #viral #artistsoftiktok #fyp #fluidart ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


TikTok: amberfisherart

Pour painting isn’t just an easy painting idea, it’s also one to tick off the creative bucket list. Whether you try a flip cup, Dutch pour or dirty pour, get inspired and give it a go for yourself. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a bunch of pouring techniques to try. Or if you’re looking for fast fun, you’ll want to check out our SuperCell range.


8. Loving layers

@maggimcdonaldart Little fun process video with a current favourite song 🎧 #stepbystep #foryou #art #tutorials ♬ Kings & Queens - Ava Max

TikTok: maggimcdonaldart


Grab a palette knife and experiment with layers. Working light to dark is best for this one and try spreading the paint from different angles. It’s also a good idea to keep some paper towel or kitchen roll handy to wipe the palette knife as you work too.


9. Palette knife petals


@art_byfaina Working on a special piece #satisfying #paletteknife #artistsoftiktok ♬ July - Noah Cyrus


TikTok: art_byfaina


If you’re reading this and hoping to spot a TikTok painting hack, then you’ll want to try this!

Grab a palette knife and some acrylic paint (hint: mix your acrylics with impasto for a textured effect) and press down to create flowers! Try using a rounded palette knife for circular petals or an elongated palette knife for sharper petals.


10. Creating cakes with watercolour cakes

@faireandco The brightest of watercolours being used to create cakes! #watercolours #paintacake #cakedecorating #cakeart #atfaire #watercolourbasics #perthartstudio #paintandsip #watercolour ♬ Originalton - 🫀🏥

TikTok: @faireandco


This is a great easy painting idea Tik Tok and a fun project to create with the little ones too.

Grab a watercolour cake and let your imagination roam free to paint a cake. Make it as colourful and decorative as you like and don’t forget to add some candles! This idea could also be turned into a birthday card or for a kid’s birthday party activity.


11. Colourful canvas heart


@montmarteart Grab your paint brushes and create something from the heart with this easy abstract rainbow project 🌈 Full project is up on our YouTube and website! #montmarteart #montmartepaint #montmarteartsupplies #acrylic #arttok #artistsoftiktok #acrylicpainting #rainbowart #rainbowpainting ♬ original sound - montmarteart


TikTok: montmarteart



An easy painting idea that you can turn into a painting for the house too. Sounds good to us! Try this easy painting idea TikTok and create a rainbow abstract heart. Best of all, we’ve got the steps for you to create your own here.


12. Curved colours


@maggimcdonaldart Friday feels like THIS 🌸💛🌸💛 Little works on paper full of sunshine + happiness 😁#arttok #artistsoftiktok #abstractart #ArtsAndCrafts #artstudio #oddlysatisfying ♬ BARELY BREATHING - Grant Averill


Image: maggimcdonaldart

This TikTok makes us want to grab the colours and try a geometric artwork! Think scalloped edges, arches, and different shapes for a satisfying colour creation.


13. Pastel tones and textures


@montmarteart We're loving texture and pastel tones right now, so we thought we'd combine both to create this abstract landscape! 🌄 If you'd like to have a crack too, pop over to our website or YouTube to find the full guide #montmarteart #montmartepaints #montmarteartsupplies #arttok #artistsoftiktok #texture #texturepainting #texturedart #pastelart #abstractpainting ♬ original sound - montmarteart



TikTok: montmarteart



Combine pastel tones and textures and check out this easy painting idea tiktok. We’ve created a fun abstract landscape using acrylics and you can follow along here.


14. A desert dream


@mindyourmanic.creations “Primavera Prick” shop via Instagram ✨ #texturedart #tutorial #texturedartist #diy #mindyourmanic #cactitok #artistsoftiktok #arttok @montmarteart #fifo #fifogirls #workingwomen @diyinspiration_official ♬ Good Days - SZA


TikTok: mindyourmanic.creations



Experiment with texture and create something completely new like this cactus idea! Modelling paste works well for this type of creating, then go over the paste with acrylics to add some colour and pizazz to the artwork.


15. Play with patterns


@janetskatesart New pieces in the works! #janetskates #painter #artist #artistsoftiktok #abstract #abstractartist #art #artvibes ♬ Paper Birds - Jordan Halpern Schwartz


TikTok: janetskatesart

Feeling the creative jitters? Play around with a motif or a range of shapes and add patterns to them. You can use tape to create clear borders, have some fun with paint and then remove the paint to reveal the shapes. Or just play around with different shapes like squares, diamonds and hearts.


Looking for more inspo? Check us out on TikTok for more inspirations, tips and how-tos.

We hope that you feel inspired to create something too! Try some of these ideas for yourself and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.