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Drawing a dragon can be a really fun project to try, as there are loads of different ways to do it. There is traditional lore and history to draw on, as well as cultural and modern interpretations to explore. Really, you can sketch a dragon to look like anything you want so long as it has some of these features: a long, winding body; horns or antlers; a pointed snout, and clawed feet. Want to see? Read on!

Blue eyes white dragon drawing

1. @maahismaaria artwork of a blue and white dragon bearing its fangs using Mont Marte fineliner brushes


Image: @maahismaaria

Try using colours that contrast for your dragon’s main theme colours. In this striking piece, the artist used bright blue to contrast with the paper’s white negative space. This brings to mind traditional Chinese porcelain which often depicted intricate artwork of dragons on ornate plates and vases. The blue and white theme also contrasts with the pink mouth, drawing the eye to the dragon’s sharp teeth. Our liner brushes were used to complete some of the fine details in this artwork. 

Traditional dragon drawing

2. @steadyhandpokes traditional Japanese dragon head sketch for a tattoo design


Image: @steadyhandpokes

This ink dragon head artwork is done in a traditional tattoo style. A great way to get creating is to try drawing flash sheet designs, starting on a smaller scale and working up to bigger ideas. If you get stuck on a dragon tattoo idea, look up different ink styles and have a go sketching techniques that take your fancy!

Leaf dragon drawing

3. @laeeichi pen drawing of a leafy dragon


Image: @laeeichi

This detailed line art of a dragon hybrid combines elements of a snake with leafy foliage. Playing with nature and using your imagination to design your own dragon creature is a great way to get into drawing. Experiment with adding natural elements to your dragon and show us what you come up with!

Play with framing

4. @fishy_draws artwork of a white and grey dragon emerging from a red frame


Image: @fishy_draws

Adding a frame or border to your dragon drawing is a great way to build contrast and add your own spin. In this sketch, the dragon escapes the frame with one of its claws and a horn, building interest and creating a visual journey for the viewer as they take in these details. The mischievous glint in its eye gives the impression that this dragon may be up to no good if it escapes!

Cartoon dragon drawing

5. @grollak_art drawing of a purple and blue characterised dragon in a sketchbook


Image: @grollak_art

Playing with proportion and caricature can be a fun way to explore subject matter. Leave realism behind and give your dragon a goofy smile, suspicious smirk, or startled eyes to stir feelings in your viewers. Be a bit silly and explore unique facial expressions while capturing a traditionally serious and ancient creature. 

Fox dragon drawing

6. @maahismaaria drawing of a dragon with a fox head and body


Image: @maahismaaria

Anything can be a dragon, really! This artist has distorted the body of a fox, lengthening its torso, exaggerating the tail, and adding antlers and clawed feet to build the impression of a dragon. Try turning your favourite animal into a dragon by altering its proportions.

Scary dragon drawing

6. @ryuvhiel sketch of a large dragon head biting at a raven


Image: @ryuvhiel

Dragons don’t have to be fun and games – they’ve got razor sharp teeth, giant horns, and claws for a reason! Why not capture your dragon doing something a bit scary, like eating a raven? This dragon draws the eye with its hungry jaws and lolling tongue. Have a think about what makes a dragon thrilling to you?

White outlines

7. @fishy_draws artwork of a blue and green dragon with a white outline and black horns


Image: @fishy_draws

Highlight certain elements of your dragon sketch by using bold white outlines. This bright dragon seems to pop off the page with clever use of white to outline the head. It’s topped off by adding in shadows beneath the white lines to deepen the dimension and create a 3D effect.

Dragon head sketches

8. @ryuvhiel sketches of dragon heads in different positions using ink


Image: @ryuvhiel

If you aren’t sure on a pose for your dragon, try drawing a few different expressions and angles before settling on one. It’s a great idea to practice sketching dragon anatomy in various positions and settings to get comfortable with their proportions and details. This will help you settle on a pose for your final dragon pen drawing, creating awesome smaller pieces in the process!

Dragon ink drawing

9. @alberto_sting ink sketch of a man with a glaive standing in front of a dragon head


Image: @alberto_sting

Using ink to capture your dragon is a classic nod to dragon artwork through history. Dragons were often depicted in ink in traditional Chinese and Japanese artworks, evolving to include tattoo ink in modern times. Pay respect to history and have a go sketching a dragon with ink, ink pens, or calligraphy tools.

Toying with scale

11. @fishy_draws painting of a black and grey dragon with a moon in its mouth against a gold circle background


Image: @fishy_draws

Adding unique details to hint at the scale of your dragon can be a great way to convey its size. This dragon is holding a moon in its jaws, with a yellow circle dwarfed behind its dark head. By using the moon as a scale reference, we can see this dragon is huge and that the yellow circle behind it is likely the sun. What would you sketch in to show the viewer how big your dragon is?

Small dragon drawing

10. @alberto_sting 3 sketches of dragon heads smaller than the width of a pen


Image: @alberto_sting

If you have a bit of experience drawing dragons, try sketching them on a smaller scale. This artwork shows three dragon heads all fitting into a space smaller than the width of a pen. Each head is likely around 6 x 6cm (2.3 x 2.3in) and very detailed despite their tiny scale. Using negative space creatively is crucial when creating smaller artworks.

Glowing dragon art

12. @maahismaaria drawing of a dragon with a fur mane on toned paper


Image: @maahismaaria

This artist has used a light, pastel blue colour on tan paper to create a glowing effect on their dragon. Combining opaque, soft colours with coloured paper can have unique results that are worth experimenting with. How would you make your dragon look enchanted?

Fairy dragon drawing

13. @thepicsees drawing of a delicate dragon sitting on top of a flower with a drop hanging from its hat


Image: @thepicsees

If you’re a fan of fantasy, have a go drawing a fairy-style dragon that oozes magic. This dragon is scaled down to appear small, barely bending the stem of a flower as it sits atop it’s bulb. Little details like the hat and pointed ears add the fantasy effect to the artwork.



We hope this collection of dragon drawing ideas has inspired you to have a go sketching a mythical creature. Feel free to get creative and really put your own spin on it – there are no rules!


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