09 Mar 2023Mont Marte

Whether you’re creatively blocked or just looking for something to add some magic to your artworks, here are 21 nature water colour paintings to try next time you’re stuck in a creative rut.

1. Small scenes


Bird standing on a toad stool drawn in watercolour with a brush next to it.


Image: coast_to_coast_artist

If you’re just not sure where to start, try a small nature watercolour painting. A little watercolour scene like this is great for getting the creative juices flowing again. Toad stools, birds, bugs and flowers are all fun places to start.

2. Find beauty in your own backyard


Watercolour artwork of daisies and lavender growing in a field.
Image: lucysartstudiohome

We all know that flowers make for a stunning watercolour artwork. But you don’t always need to head too far from home to get inspired. Take inspiration from your own garden or backyard next time you’re looking for a creative spark.


3. Koi Fish


Two koi fish swimming, painted using watercolours.

For something a little different, we’re heading underwater. These koi fish are fun to create and a good place to start next time you’re dabbling with watercolours. You can follow along with our project here for the instructions.

4. A growing garden


A whimsical watercolour painting of a gum boot with a garden growing inside it and a small window on the boot.
Image: artbyshiri

This nature water colour painting takes a fun spin on things, turning a blooming garden into a fun gumboot. Let nature take you off course and play up the whimsical next time you reach for the watercolours.

5. Beach scape escape

A nature water colour painting of a beach scape with cliff rocks.
Image: it_hao_pheh


Take a break from the studio, home or study and head to the beach. Grab a travelling watercolour palette, a sketch pad and a hat and try painting the great outdoors from your own perspective. Plus, everyone loves a cool sea breeze and some fresh air.


6. Experiment with composition


A green meadow water colour painting with mountains and a small house in the background.

Image:  justartsbyraniya

Don’t be afraid to play around with composition in your next artwork. A mountain the background, trees in the foreground, or use tree branches to frame your artwork and create a focal point. Small touches like these add interest and can change the whole mood of your painting.


7. Add water colour to your designs

Close up design of acorns and pine trees drawn in watercolour pencil.

Image: allysanwatercolor

Whether it’s a spare page in a sketch book or you’re a keen drawer, adding watercolour to your designs is a fun way to create something new. If your creative vibe is off or you’re struggling to fit some time into your busy schedule, doodling with watercolour pencils or adding a splash of colour to your designs is a great way to reconnect with your creativity.

8. Sunrises


Hand holding up a sunset watercolour painting in the blue sky.

Image: lele.watercolor

There’s no denying that sunrises and sunsets have been favoured by artists for years. Of course, they make for a stunning artwork and there’s something amazing about creating under an ever changing sky. Head outdoors and take it all in or create from your studio window.

9. Play around with perspective


A road with forest on either side painted in watercolours with a red car in the distance.
Image: pspilsart

Why not add in a one point perspective to your nature watercolour paintings. Sketch out your vanishing point then build in trees, shrubs, and greenery to create your scene. A small detail like this car in the distance adds a fun pop of colour to the artwork too.


 10. Nature walk


Hand holding up a sketchbook of a forest in the forest. The book has a completed watercolour artwork inside.

Image: magrish


Getting outdoors is great for creativity, but what about going for a hike? Create a forest watercolour painting plein air style. Photography lovers, you might love heading for a hike or bushwalk with a camera before heading home and grabbing the watercolours. Either way, try capturing nature’s hidden gems.


11. Field of flowers

A water colour artwork of a poppy field.

Image: sophiemomo1

Running through a field of flowers is probably where we’d all rather be.

Take inspiration from mother nature and try painting a field of flowers. Whether it’s poppies, lavender or sunflowers, this watercolour painting can easily be turned into a gift or card for someone.


12. Summer sunrises


A hand holding a sketch book with a completed beach at sunset painted in watercolours.

Image: jingoillo

Whether you’re close to the coast, or this reminds you of a summer morning, a sunrise over the water is great to try, and of course a great excuse to reach for the watercolours. Adding footprints in the sand is also a nice addition and a neat way to add interest to your work.


13. A change in time


A dark sky with a full moon and pine trees painted with watercolours.
Image: olya.demidova.illustration

If something’s not working, change the weather or in this case, the time of day. Splash about with cool tones to create a night sky like this and reach for some masking fluid to add in a moon.


14. Blooming bookmarks

Three bookmarks on a table with watercolour brushes and pans near by.

Image: kbnatureart

If creating is on your mind, but you’re looking to get crafty too, create a nature watercolour painting, before cutting it up (hear us out here) then creating bookmarks. This idea can also work for gift tags for birthdays or Christmas too. If you’re not too sure where to add in the action, you can also turn your artwork into panels, that way your composition will still be on point, and nothing will be missing in the frame.

15. Succulent


A close up watercolour painting of a realistic succulent.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focussing on just one object can be helpful. A succulent, a single flower or a tree can be grounding especially if you’re feeling a little stuck. In this project, we’re guiding you through how to create a succulent in watercolour, so if you’re a little unsure of the medium, we’ll tell you everything you need to know!


16. Pine trees

Hand holding a finished artwork of pine trees painted in watercolour, with pine trees visible in the background.
Image: artbybianca


With their long branches and sharp foliage, pine trees are always a pleasure to create. Whether it’s a bunch of trees or you create a forest watercolour painting, experiment with green hues and tones.


17. Cloudy Forest

A cloudy morning in a forest painted in watercolour on paper.

Image: manel_watercolors

If the serenity of an early morning in a cloudy forest doesn’t get your creative sparks flying, then creating one sure will! Play around with different hues and tones to create a dreamy morning sky.

18. Head out to the country


A country meadow with a creek flowing in the middle painted with watercolours.

Image: marjosschilderijen

Whether you’re lucky enough to head out to rural areas or you just create something at home, there’s no denying that the country can be full of inspiration. From long, flowing creeks to sturdy fence lines and rolling hills, grab your boots and your watercolours and head outdoors.

19. Add in wildlife

A sunrise watercolour artwork over Folley beach in California. Artwork is laying on a timber board.
Image: tpsketches

If you’ve created a landscape and you’re not too sure where to take it, try adding in wildlife! Adding birds to your beach landscapes is a great start and it adds a nice touch of nature to your artworks. It’ll also help your watercolour works look more realistic. Have a play with composition and see what you come up with!



20. Scale up your works

Hand holding a very small, realistic watercolour artwork of a badger.
Image: lyra_zoe

Looking for a challenge? Try creating a forest watercolour painting on a tiny scale. We’re thinking itsy bitsy badgers, birds and frogs with tiny features like this. Or scale your works up and play around with adding large details to bigger works.


21. Misty hills

Nature water colour painting of a sunrise over misty hills.
Image:  eugenie_josephine_

When it comes to cloudy or foggy weather, you can use the whiteness of watercolour paper to your advantage. Masking fluid is great for creating misty hills or foggy skies and it gives you enough freedom to have a play with watercolours without loosing the crispness of the page.


We hope this has made you want to reach for the watercolours and head outdoors. Still stuck? Check out these 15 watercolour painting ideas.

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