10 Dec 2018Mont Marte

Christmas is nearly here and we’ve got just the thing to make your home look the part. Create your own DIY Christmas decorations with these 5 simple, but fun, ideas!

1. Air hardening clay garland

White air hardening clay garland on a red wall.

Pick up some air hardening clay and create your own Christmas themed garland. You don’t need a kiln or oven, just create your shapes, put a hole in them using a pencil or clay tool and let them dry. Hang them up with other seasonal items such as bells or tinsel.

Tools and materials:

• Air hardening clay
• String or tinsel
• Clay tools
• Ceramic paint (to add a splash of colour!)

2. Painted pine cones

Silver painted pine cones.

Add a special touch to your dining table this Christmas with a white pine cone centrepiece. Paint some pine cones completely and others with only the tips painted for a bit of variation. You can even add a bit of silver or gold to the edges to make your centrepiece really stand out.

Tools and materials:

• White acrylic paint
• Gold acrylic paint
• Silver acrylic paint
• Acrylic paint brushes
• Pine cones
• Bowl
• Nuts (in their shells)

3. Patterned baubles

Pink patterned Christmas baubles.

This DIY Christmas decoration is one the whole family can enjoy. Buy some plain baubles and use acrylic paint to decorate them with different patterns. This will really bring your Christmas tree to life and is a fun activity for the kids to be part of.

Tools and materials:

• Acrylic paint
• Acrylic paint brushes
• Baubles

4. Illustrated baubles

Illustrated baubles on a Christmas tree.

If you want to get a little more intricate with your DIY Christmas decorations, grab a detailer brush and paint an illustration on your baubles. Some ideas you might like to try include a forest, Rudolf, an elf, Santa or the Christmas star.

Tools and materials:

• Gold acrylic paint
• Silver acrylic paint
• Detailer brush
• Baubles

5. Hand lettered tags

White hand lettered tags.

Hand lettered tags aren’t just for the presents. Cut some white card into any shape you like — whether it’s a rectangle, love heart, star or circle — and then punch a hole in it for your yarn. Now all you need to do is choose some Christmas words or phrases and write them onto your white card using brush markers or a detailer brush. What will your message be this Christmas?

Tools and materials:

• Brush markers
• White card
• Brown twine
• Hole punch
• Scissors or hobby knife

Get into the festive spirit with these fun DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Have you created something for your home already? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see what you’ve created!