29 May 2020Mont Marte

There’s nothing like an art challenge to keep the creative juices flowing. Whether you’re keen to get involved in an existing challenge or want to create your own, you’ll find plenty of ideas below. 

1. Art Journal January

This challenge from Kick in the Creatives asks you to create an illustrated page every day of January. If you want to share it on social media the hashtag is #artjournaljanuary.

2. Faerie February

If you like fairies, you'll love this challenge. Make 29 fairies and post them each day of February using #faeriefeb.

3. March of the Robots

If fairies aren’t your thing then maybe robots are. This challenge has people making a robot illustration for every day of March. Share your creations using #marchofrobots.

4. March Meet the Maker

Female painting an abstract landscape painting.

Joanne Hawker's March Meet the Maker challenge is about showing the world what you make. She's recently added daily prompts to give you some inspo for your creations (which, by the way, can be anything!).

5. April Art Challenge

Create each day of April with the #aprilartchallenge. You can choose to share your creations on social daily with the hashtag, or just do it for you!

6. Mermay

Yes, you picked it. Mermay is an art challenge where you create one mermaid a day for the month of May. There’s a daily prompt for inspiration and anyone can get involved.

7. May Sketch a Day

Hand sketching a realistic eye with pen in a notebook.

If you need some motivation in May, give the #maysketchaday art challenge a go.

8. Junicorn

Get mystical in June with #junicorn! Whether you paint, draw or craft, share your unicorn creations with the world.

9. Art Fight (July)

Art Fight is an annual art game where participants are split into two teams. Players then attack people from the other team by making art of one of their original characters.

10. Smaugust

Calling all Lord of the Rings fans. This is for you. Each day of August, people all over the world share their dragon art with the hashtag #Smaugust.

11. Sketchtember

Male wearing a yellow shirt, sketching in a notebook next to a computer.

If you’re ready for 30 days of drawing, give #sketchtember a crack. Your sketches can be as simple or complicated as you like.

12. Inktober

Draw one ink drawing a day for the month of October with the popular Inktober challenge. Each year thousands of artists around the world get involved!

13. Drawlloween

If you’re big on Halloween, here’s a challenge for you. The idea of Drawlloween is to inspire artists to create creepy, weird and spooky drawings all month. There are usually prompts for each day to keep you going.

14. Drawtober

Prompts for Drawtober are often Halloween related but can vary depending on the person posting them.

15. Huevember
Hand painting an artwork in mostly pastel blue colours.

The goal of Huevember is to make a drawing each day of November in a given hue. You can use any colours you want, so long as the hue for that day is the main star!

16. Slowvember

Let’s slow things down. Take your time and focus on one artwork for the month. In Slowvember, artists are encouraged to share progress shots using #slowvember.

17. Mapvember

For Mapvember you create a fictional map a day for 30 days. You can take a look at some prompt lists and rules from previous years on Miskas Maps.

18. Drawcember

Female drawing in a notebook next to a balcony.

Draw every day of December based off prompts posted by people on social media (here’s one from last year) or use your own ideas.

19. Daily visual diary entry

Whether you like keeping a diary or you’ve never tried it before, this is an easy way to set yourself a creative challenge for each day.

20. Pattern journaling

Add some relaxation and creativity to your day with pattern journalling. Simply fill a journal page with a pattern each day.

21. Travel sketchbook

Quick sketch of people in a cafe on white paper.

Are you constantly on the move? This challenge might be just what you’re after. When you get the chance to sit still, pull out your sketchbook and draw whatever is in front of you or comes to mind.

22. Travel art

If you miss travel as much as we do, take a little trip by making artworks of a different place each day. Whether it’s the Champs-Élysées or a little garden in a peaceful corner of the earth, go wherever you want to go.

23. Studies

You don’t have to complete a finished artwork every day. You can simply play around with a topic. Some ideas include clouds, hands or flowers.

24. Stationery

Keep it simple and draw whatever is on your desk. This challenge allows you to focus on a basic object and practice your 3D drawing skills.

25. Plants

Hand holding a paintbrush, painting watercolour flowers in orange.

Plants are a source of endless inspiration. They come in so many shapes and colours that you’ll have plenty to work with (especially if you’re choosing a different one on the daily).

26. Flowers

Flowers are another great subject for the same reason. You might like to choose a different flower to focus on each day or one flower that you’ll practice every day for a month.

27. Seasonal

List out things that remind you of each season (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) and challenge yourself to draw or paint one each day.

28. Scrapbooking

Corner of a scrapbook on a white sheet with a dog paw next to the book.

There are so many ways to scrapbook, so we’re confident this challenge will keep you busy.

29. Found objects

Whether it’s a shoe, pair of glasses or a book – choose something you see and draw or paint it. It’s as simple as that.

30. Letter a day

Want to practice your hand lettering? Choose a letter from the alphabet each day for 26 days.

31. Word a day

Female sitting in a green room with plants around, drawing in a notebook with a marker.

If you want to take it a step further, create a word every day instead!

32. Hand lettering a song

Go even further and write out a sentence from a song or a quote that you like each day.

33. Hand letter your name

Try a few different hand lettering techniques by writing your name in a different style each day.

34. Caricatures

Bird's eye view of a cartoon girl doing karate, with a hand drawing the cartoon.

Ready for a bit of fun? Make some caricatures of your friends or your favourite celebrities.

35. Fan Art Friday

With over 300,000 posts on Instagram #fanartfriday is a popular challenge for artists around the globe. Check out the hashtag and see for yourself!

36. Colour palettes

An art challenge doesn’t necessarily mean creating an artwork every day. You might like to make a different colour palette each day using your favourite art supplies.

37. Colouring

A whimsical colouring in page with various colouring pencils laying over the top.

Grab yourself a colouring book or print some outlines, set some time aside and enjoy.

38. Pets

Pets bring us so much joy and make a great subject for art. If your cat, dog or fish won’t sit still, take a photo to draw or paint from.

39. The 100 Day Project

Every year people from all over the world choose a project and do it every day for 100 days. Progress shots are shared on Instagram using #the100dayproject. You can learn more on The 100 Day Project website.

40. Wips and Blooms

Watercolour paper with the word "spring" written on it, with branches and a white rose on top.

If you’re a knitter, weaver, potter, baker, artist or any kind of maker this challenge is for you! The goal is for you to take a photo of your work in progress with flowers next to it and share it on Instagram with #wipsandblooms.

41. My Week of…

It’s My Week post a new theme on their Instagram every week! Anyone can get involved by uploading a photo that relates to the theme.

42. Comic diary

Draw something from your day in a simple comic frame. If you create one every day you’ll be able to put together a comic strip for the week or month.

43. Fairytales

Choose a character from a fairy tale for each day, week or month and recreate it in a drawing or painting.

44. Big picture

Add a small illustration to a page or canvas each day for a month. By the end, you’ll have one big artwork!

45. Recreate an artwork

Recreate a famous artwork each week (or day if you’re feeling ambitious) for a month.

46. 100 Days of Pattern

Challenge yourself to draw a different pattern every day for 100 days with this idea from Make It in Design.

47. Animals

A hand drawing a realistic bear in pencil.

Want to practice drawing or painting animals? You know what to do.

48. Celebrities

Challenge yourself to draw or paint a new celebrity each week for a month.

49. Portrait of a friend

If celebrities aren’t really your thing, bring it closer to home and draw your friends and family.

50. Food

Whimsical style drawing of various foods on a white page.

What’s on the menu today? Draw or paint your favourite meal or snack from the day.

51. Your favourite things

Summon your inner Kondo and make a list of the things that bring you joy; then illustrate one a day.

52. Gratitude drawings

What are you grateful for today? Draw or paint it!

53. Maker Monday

Start each week on a creative note by making something new each Monday. If you want to share it or browse what other people are doing you can use #makermonday.

54. Goodtype Tuesday

Words Witten in a calligraphy style in bright colours, on a sketchbook.

Every week Goodtype posts a 24 hour lettering challenge on their Instagram page called Goodtype Tuesday.

55. Random draw

Mix things up a bit and do a random draw to decide what you’re going to create each day.

56. Technique a day

Want to improve your art skills? Set yourself the challenge to practice a different technique each day, week or month.

57. Fashion and outfits

Sketch an item from your outfit each day.

58. Feelings

Drawing your feelings can be as abstract as you like and is a great way to stay in touch with your emotions. You might even just mix up a different colour each day to represent your mood and paint it onto a page.

59. Calligraphy

Since calligraphy can take a bit of practice, setting yourself a challenge will really pay off. 

60. Getty art challenge

Have you noticed that people have been recreating artworks using household items and sharing them on social media? This fun trend started from the #gettymuseumchallenge and anyone can get involved.

Which art challenge will you choose? We hope this list has given you plenty of inspiration for your day, month and year! We’d love to see your creations so feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook using @montmarteart and we’ll check them out.