29 May 2024Mont Marte

Get inspired on your next trip to the grocery store and dive into fruit drawing, painting, and sculpting! We’ve gathered loads of creative ideas from talented artists to help kick start your project – just pick your fave and put your own unique spin on it.

Realism with watercolour 

@emilywassellart Watercolour peach painting step-by-step


Image: @emilywassellart

Have a go at painting with Watercolour to nail the softer stone fruit colours. This artist has a step-by-step guide to get you started; use the fluidity of the medium to add depth and dimension with colour bleeds!

Mini clay fruit

@nicecrumbsshop Miniature fruit salad on a platter made with polymer clay


Image: @nicecrumbsshop

Create itty bitty fruit with Polymer Clay! Use it as a doll’s house prop, display it, or make it into jewelry and accessorise your outfits. You may need some patience for the finer details but it’s a great way to exercise the mind and make something adorable!

Warm colour schemes

@jacklynfosterart warm toned painting of lemons on a framed canvas


Image: @jacklynfosterart

If you’re into a certain colour palette, lean into it and make your paint shades harmonious. This artist used warm tones to match the interior décor around the painting, so it fits into its surroundings just right!

Citrus acrylic painting

Modern, bright citrus still life painting on an easel


If you have a fave kind of fruit, make it the subject of your painting. We tackle citrus fruit in this still life painting – follow along with the video to find out how! All you’ll need is Acrylic Paints, Gloss Medium, brushes, and an inspired spirit.

Small scale painting

@griffintylerart red raspberry painting in oil paints with bold shadows and highlights


Image: @griffintylerart

Pick a small fruit and a small canvas and get painting! Exploring colours, depth, and texture on a smaller scale is a great way to get comfortable creating. Look how the blue in the shadows makes the red and pink tones really pop. Experiment with colours, bold highlights, and leave things a little less blended for a more stylised artwork.

Mango design patterns

@awesomepeppers colourful mango pattern with leaves on white paper


Image: @awesomepeppers

Make your fruit into a fun pattern! The simple shapes and bold colours found in the fresh produce section are a great foundation for pattern design. Just keep repeating the main motif, add in some extra background details, and away you go!

Fruit realistic painting

3 watercolour fruit paintings on paper


Pick up the Watercolours again to follow along with our simple art lesson! From capturing the subtle texture of each fruit to nailing the shadows, we’ll take you through each step so you can have a go at home.

Fruit face portrait

@christopher_corr Colourful abstract portrait with fruit in the hair


Image: @christopher_corr

Take an abstract approach and use fruit to complement your portraits! In this painting, fruit is added to the head of the subject, adding interest and contrast to the visual story. You may even want to add fruit to the facial features themselves – the sky’s the limit!

Still life project

Still life painting of reflective jug and pot with lemon in foreground


Fruits don’t have to be the only thing in your painting – make them part of a larger idea! We walk you through painting this still life in our tutorial video, so check out our tips for capturing the lemon in the reflective surfaces!



We hope you’re feeling inspired by your daily 2 fruits, 5 veg. If you decide to try out one of the ideas above, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what you come up with! Pick up some Watercolours, Acrylic Paints, or Polymer Clay to kick off your project.


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