13 Dec 2023Mont Marte

9 family DIY projects to try

If you’re looking for new ways to entertain the kids, why not have a go at family crafting? We’ve collected a range of different projects so you can get creative at home using common household supplies.

Anyone can have a creative family, it’s all about trying new things and feeling free to experiment. We’ve taken care of the inspo, so now it’s time to get creating!

Flower drawings

1. @frantisekjungvirt Flower drawings cut out and displayed in vases


Image: frantisekjungvirt

Come together as a family and have a go at drawing flowers. They don’t need to be perfect but make them colourful! Cut around the outside of your flower drawings and pop them into a vase. Not only is this a fun activity, but you get an ageless bouquet as well!

Paper city craft

2. @themusekenora Paper craft city with a paper sky background


Image: @themusekenora

Using paper, pens, and your imagination, you and the fam can create a paper city together. With bright colours and simple shapes, cut and glue a metropolis fit for all sorts of toys to live in. Get creative and make a backdrop or two for the city so you can change the setting to suit your play adventure. We have stacks of coloured paper and art markers that so you can try this DIY at home.

Craft notes




Image: quinns_arte

Find a new way to talk to each other and craft a note for fun! Whether it’s for a gift, an apology, or a random Tuesday, this paper record note is a perfect handmade project that you can try with the whole family. So, get the kids to help with presents for the next birthday or Christmas, because these notes will create memories to treasure. 

DIY food craft

4. @theamazingartcart DIY salad made from scrap paper and bottle caps


Image: @theamazingartcart

Upcycle your leftover bottle caps, packing materials, and scrap paper and create a thrifty meal that looks so good you’ll want to dig in! This project is a great use of bits and bobs you can find around the house. Let your imagination run wild and make a salad, spaghetti, nachos, or some other treat that takes your fancy. Start with the craft and lead into valuable pretend play time, from cooking games to running an imaginary shop. 

Paper melon




Image: @quinns_arte

Why not combine crafting notes and pretend foods and make a popsicle with a hidden message? Using paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, and some markers, create a bunch of 3D paper popsicles with the fam and trade messages to each other. Everyone can get involved, with all sorts of flavours to make from melon to rainbow! If you need some glue or paper, we’ve got you covered.

Colouring leaves

6. @theamazingartcart Green leaves painted with rainbow colours against a blue background


Image: @ theamazingartcart

Take an adventure to the backyard or local park and give some fallen leaves a second life. Grab your paints and brushes to makeover the leaves and create a colourful collection. This can be a great activity to get the fam outdoors and create amongst the elements. You can even bring them home and frame them to level up the final product! For some paints suited to little artist, check out our range or Play products.

Dream catcher paper craft

7. @craftlabcreates Dream catcher craft made from paper, cardboard, yarn, and beads


Image: @craftlabcreates

Help your kids make their rooms feel cosy and create a dream catcher together. Using simple materials like paper, cardboard, yarn, and a handful of beads, this project brightens the room with rainbow colours. It’s a fun activity to do as a family, plus it will help keep the bogeyman away 😉 Sweet dreams for all!

DIY paper hat

8. @theamazingartcart Daffodil and grass paper decorations on a wide brimmed hat


Image: @theamazingartcart

Make wearing a hat fun and craft some decorations to spruce it up. This activity will help your little artists build motor skills, get their creativity going, and hopefully, encourage sun safety! The whole fam can decorate their own hats and wear them out on an excursion, maybe to a picnic in the park? Have some fun with coloured paper and let your imagination run wild.

Parcel craft




Image: @quinns_arte

Make some family memories and package up notes to each other in a fun and creative way. This craft is nice and simple, using paper, glue, scissors, and a pen to DIY surprise messages. Have a go and trade special notes that you can treasure forever or use it as a time capsule and open years later for a blast from the past.



Try some of these awesome family DIYs today or bookmark for later to pull out on a rainy day. We hope both you and your little artists have fun experimenting with colour, paper, and paints to create some arts and crafts to remember.

If you do make something with the fam, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what you come up with! 😊

Looking for supplies? Our kids supplies are a great place to start for family arts and crafts projects.   We also have more ideas to try across our inspiration blogs, and tutorials in our projects & how-to collection to help you create.