25 Mar 2024Mont Marte

If you’re a fan of pixel art and want to give it a go, we’ve gathered a bunch of artworks from talented creators to get you inspired. From characterisations to abstract colour blocking we hope this collection spurs you to try something new and pixelate your next project. Have a looksie, you might just find a new style to experiment with!


Abstract pixel art

@cameronforsythart abstract pixel artwork with rainbow coloured pixels


Image: @cameronforsythart

This modern pixel artwork is simple but bold, made using a trending technique: colour blocking. Try colour blocking by placing defined, flat sections of colour close together without blending them, producing bold contrast. A classic example of colour blocking can be seen in Piet Mondrian’s Composition series, using gridwork and bold primary colours. This technique works well with pixel art as the pixels create barriers between colours, leaving the viewer to find meaning and shape amongst them. 

Cute pixel art

@cameronforsythart pixelated character painting of a strwberry themed girl


Image: @cameronforsythart

Character pixel art can be a great way to capture a pop culture icon in a cute way. The pixelated style lends itself to a more simple, old-school rendering, usually with shorter limbs and bigger eyes. This is great for creating cute designs, so whip out some bold colours and have a go at pixelating your favourite character.


Anime style art




Image: @pixnbrush

Anime typically uses a bright, bold colour palette perfect for capturing in pixel form. Their features are typically exaggerated making it easier to represent in many small squares, including large eyes and well-defined hairstyles. Check out the bold outlines and colour contrast in this artwork and imagine which anime you’d like to see pixelated.

Cartoon pixel art

@pixelartpaintings pixel painting on canvas of a dog holding two ducks


Image: @pixelartpaintings

Another great source of inspo for your pixel painting is cartoons! Unlike anime style, cartoon pixel work has less outlining, with flatter dimensions to match traditional cartoons. This means simple colour blocking, with basic shadows and highlights, as seen in the grass detailing above. Pixels aren’t individually defined, visible in the toothed edges of the subject. So, if you like working with a flatter perspective, try out a cartoon pixel style for your next project.

 Out-of-focus art

@cameronforsythart pixelated bear painting creating an out of focus effect


Image: @cameronforsythart

Painting pixels can be a great technique to make your artwork appear out of focus. By dividing your subject matter into distinct pixels, you can distort the clarity of the image. Bigger pixels with many different colours and less blocking can make it harder for the eye to make sense of the picture, creating an impression rather than a clear image. Try out this technique to see if you can make your subject appear out of focus.

Pixel drawing

@azharwiam pencil sketch of a girl with the bottom right corner of her face pixelated


Image: @azharwiam

Pixelating part of your sketch can be a fun way to experiment with the style. In this artwork, only a small section is pixelated, but it draws the eye and brings meaning to the piece. Drawing pixels is fairly simple, just make sure your lines are straight and your pixels have varying tones. Try this out at home and see how you can blend the technique into a regular sketch.

8-bit art




Image: @pixnbrush

Transform your fave video game character into an 8-bit version of themselves by pixelating them. 8-bit colour graphics were common in old video games and pioneered the pixel art movement. They’re a great point of reference when trying out the style, so pay homage to old-school games and paint a modern character in 8-bit colour.

Matching pixel paintings

@pixelartpaintings pixel paintings of two video game characters in red and blue suits


Image: @pixelartpaintings

If you like painting in pixels, why not have a crack at painting a series or matching set? This can be great for DIY wall art projects, creating a link between the paintings in your home. This set captures two characters that have opposite colour placement, creating contrast but tying them together at the same time. Where would you put a matching pixel set in your place?

Pixel portrait

@nkem_odeh.ifeyinwa oil portrait with the face pixelated


Image: @nkem_odeh.ifeyinwa

Create a sense of anonymity by pixelating the face of your next portrait. This is a fun way to play with the colours in your artwork, mixing skin tones, shadows, hair colours, and background hues together in a mix of squares. By painting the rest of the portrait in detail, you create dynamic contrast and draw the eye to the pixelated section.



Fingers crossed this collection of pixel art has inspired you to explore the style yourself! 😊 We hope you get creative and have a go experimenting with all sorts of techniques, colours, and subject matter.

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