26 Mar 2018Mont Marte

Say hello to a new hobby and goodbye to that blank space on your wall. We’ve pulled together a list of 52 easy art ideas that anyone can try. So feast your eyes and let’s get those creative juices flowing.

1. 3D polymer clay art
3D polymer clay art

Image: The Lovely Drawer

Want to create an artwork that really stands out? This 3D art idea from The Lovely Drawer will do the trick.

2. Mondrian-inspired paper wall art
Mondrian-inspired paper wall art.

Image: A Crafty Gentlemen

If you’ve got a thing for geometric shapes and bold colours, this one’s for you. Choose your own shades or go for the same blue, green and grey combo as A Crafty Gentlemen.

3. Potato print décor
Potato print décor.

Image: Arie + Co

You might have played around with potato stamps when you were a kid, but did you know they also make a great décor piece? You can carve them into pretty much any shape you like – circles, squares, triangles, you name it!

4. Paper ice cream art
Potato print décor.

Image: Patchwork Cactus

This delicious and easy art idea is perfect for all those paper scraps you’re saving for a rainy day. Want to mix it up? Make your own patterns using watercolours, markers or gouache.

5. Air dry clay vase
Air dry clay vase.

The great thing about air dry clay is that you don’t need a kiln. In fact, you don’t even need an oven. Simply create your vase, let it dry, and voila! But don’t get it wet – stick to dry flowers for this one.

6. Painted air dry clay pots
Painted air dry clay pots.

Want to add some colour to your pot or vase? Paint your creation using acrylic paints and pop a layer of varnish on it for some extra shine and protection.

7. Tissue paper fruit
Tissue paper fruit.

Image: The Lovely Drawer

Let’s get tropical. These paper fruit artworks are fun to create and will really add some personality to your space.

8. Modern geometric painting
Modern geometric painting

Image: A Beautiful Mess

You know that blank space on your wall that’s been bothering you? We’ve got just the thing. This modern geometric art can be created by anyone with a bit of tape and acrylic paint.

9. Reversible lettering sculpture
Reversible lettering sculpture.

Image: Oleander and Palm

Make two artworks in one with this reversible “Hi” sign. Simply paint a different design on each side so that you can flip them around for a new look whenever you feel like it.

10. Coloured paper block décor
Coloured paper block décor.

Image: The Style Safari

As far as easy art ideas go, this one is a real winner. It’s quick, simple and stylish!

11. Watercolour rainbow
Coloured paper block décor.

If you’re on the hunt for something super easy, here’s another one you’re going to love. Grab a watercolour set and start painting.

12. Painted words
 Painted words.

You don’t have to be a hand lettering aficionado to turn words into art. Simply paint them in your own style – even if it’s just your regular handwriting.

13. Hand lettering
Hand lettering.

Want to get a bit fancier? There are plenty of hand lettering styles out there to try. Choose one you like and give it a go.

14. DIY cardboard stamps
DIY cardboard stamps.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

If you’ve got some spare cardboard lying around, repurpose it into these cute little stamps.

15. DIY foam stamps
DIY foam stamps.

Image: Alice and Lois

Another easy way to make stamps is with foam and wood blocks. Try this rainbow idea or create your own!

16. Masking tape art
Masking tape art.

Image credit: Nanotorious

There’s a reason masking tape art is so popular – it’s easy to do and looks great on your wall. There are loads of different patterns and shapes you can make, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

17. Colour chip décor
Colour chip décor.

Image: The Crafty Gentleman

You know those paint colour chips you might pick up when you’re re-decorating? Hold onto them because they make a great artwork!

18. Leaf printing
Leaf printing.

Image: That Artist Woman

We couldn’t write an article about easy art ideas without including leaf printing. Try it out on clay or with paint on paper – we think you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

19. Stylised animal painting
Stylised animal painting.

Do you have a favourite animal? Bring it to life with an illustration-style painting.

20. Air dry clay knot sculpture
Air dry clay knot sculpture.

Image: Fall for DIY

Is it time to freshen up your space? Add a modern touch to your desk or shelf with an air dry clay knot sculpture.

21. Line art
Line art.

Here’s a short and sweet art idea for those who don’t have much time on their hands. Pick something, anything, and simplify it with a few lines.

22. Traced drawing
Traced drawing.

No, this isn’t cheating – it’s actually a great way to teach your eyes and mind about form and composition.

23. Watercolour flower painting
Watercolour flower painting.

We love painting flowers because there are so many to choose from. Whether it’s a daisy, sunflower or one from your own imagination – get out those watercolour paints and give it a go.

24. Plaster décor bowls
Plaster décor bowls.

Did you know that you can make plaster bowls without a cast? Check out our video tutorial to see how it’s done.

25. Painted paper cactus
Painted paper cactus.

Image: We Are Scout

This cactus artwork from We Are Scout is a real crowd pleaser. It’s simple enough for anyone to create and the end result is an eye-catching décor piece.

26. Colouring
Colouring in.

Relax and unwind with a colouring session. As well as being fun, this creative exercise helps to focus your mind and relieve stress.

27. Golden leaf triptych
Golden leaf triptych.

Grab some gold paint and give your canvas the Midas touch with an easy leaf triptych. If you need some pointers, head over and check out our video tutorial.

28. Pouring art
Pouring art.

Splash some paint around and create your own pouring art! Want some inspo? We’ve got a few video lessons that might tickle your fancy.

29. Pouring art on shaped canvases
Pouring art on shaped canvases.

Mix it up a bit and create your pouring art on shaped canvases such as stars, hearts or circles.

30. Leaf illustrations
Leaf illustrations.

Draw inspiration from nature with a leaf painting. Our personal favourites are monstera, autumn and palm leaves.

31. Abstract line painting
Leaf illustrations.

Create dreamy effects by laying down a light background and adding lines or patterns over the top.

32. Watercolour succulent
Watercolour succulent.

If you like succulents, you’ll love this watercolour project. Head over to our video tutorial to see how it’s done and get some pointers.

33. Layered paper shapes
Layered paper shapes.

Experiment with colours and shapes! The best part about paper art is that you can move the shapes around to see what they look like before you stick them down.

34. Rainbow scrape painting
Layered paper shapes.

Image: Hello Wonderful

Make your own rainbow with this quick and easy art idea from Hello Wonderful!

35. Miniature art
Miniature art.

Why not take it down a size and create a miniature artwork? Check out our video lesson to see a couple of ideas in action.

36. Abstract patterns and shapes
Abstract patterns and shapes.

Sometimes creating an artwork is as simple as playing around with some patterns and shapes. Whether it’s zig-zags, lines or spots – let your imagination do the talking.

37. Watercolour feathers
Watercolour feathers.

Image: Joni Murphy

Create a beautiful watercolour feather artwork with this idea from Joni Murphy. Simply paint a feather shape with watercolours, let it dry and add details.

38. String pull painting
String pull painting.

Want to try something a bit different? Check out our string pull painting tutorial and try it out for yourself!

39. Air dry clay wall hanging
Air dry clay wall hanging.

Image: Gathering Beauty

Add style and colour to any space with this DIY air dry clay wall hanging from Gathering Beauty.

40. Double exposure painting
Double exposure painting.

Create two images in one with a double exposure painting. This technique originated in photography, but artists often use it with watercolours, acrylic and oil paints. Follow along with our lesson here.

41. Abstract air dry clay sculpture
Abstract air dry clay sculpture.

If you like working with your hands, this is right up your alley. Sculpt any shape you like, let it dry and add some patterns with acrylic paint.

42. Rose drawing
Rose drawing.

Looking for an easy drawing idea? Our simplified rose tutorial is a great place to start!

43. White drawing on black paper
White drawing on black paper.

Change it up and draw white on black. Whether you’re using paint, markers or white charcoal, this can have some stunning results.

44. Watercolour illustration
Watercolour illustration.

Bring watercolour painting and drawing together with a dreamy illustration.

45. Hand lettering triptych
Hand lettering triptych.

We hope you have just as much fun with this project as we did! You can use your own styles or get some inspo from our video lesson if you’re not sure where to start.

46. Diamond ripple painting
Diamond ripple painting.

Image: Classy Clutter

Here's another stunner that you can create using tape for clean, crisp lines. Make it your own by choosing any colours you like!

47. Daily illustration
Daily illustration.

Choose something from your day and turn it into a drawing. Whether it’s a cup of tea, your morning pastry or something else that made you smile – get it down on paper.

48. Expressionist flower painting
Expressionist flower painting.

Create flowers that will last a lifetime with this expressionist painting idea.

49. Silhouette art
Silhouette art.

Everyone loves a good sunrise or sunset, right? Bring your own to life with a simple silhouette painting of a person, city skyline or trees.

50. Abstract brushstroke painting
Abstract brushstroke painting.

Create freely with an abstract brushstroke painting. Go ahead, choose your own colours and let loose.

51. Row boat oil painting
Row boat oil painting.

If you’re interested in oil painting, this simple row boat painting is a great place to start. We even show you how it’s done in our video tutorial.

52. Pixel painting
Pixel painting.

Image: Classy Clutter

Add a fun touch to your home with this pixelated cactus idea! The great part is that you can use this style for pretty much any shape you like.

Do you have an easy art idea that we haven’t covered? Feel free to tag @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook to show us what you’ve created!