05 Aug 2023Mont Marte

Because we love frogs, we have pulled together some inspiring amphibian art to get your creativity going! With the frog fan community exploding over the past couple of years, we thought it was only right to dedicate a special feature to our colourful, slippery friends. Check out these talented artists who are experts at capturing the likeness of all sorts of fun frogs. 

1. Classic green critter

1. @staceyprince_art painting of a green frog sitting on a leaf, with a green, lucious background


Image: @staceyprince_art

This monochromatic, green palette really brings to life the frog in its natural habitat. Look how well they blend in with their leafy surrounds, their big yellow orbs popping against the background. Playing with a specific colour group can be so much fun and striking to look at!


2. Aaa frog

2. @catheright_s artwork of a red, black, and yellow frog that is saying 'aaaaaaa'


Image: @catheright_s

Being playful is a great way to stay interested when creating and to bring part of your personality to the page. This marker frog sketch is so bright and engaging, with the speech bubble telling us all we need to know about the thoughts in this little critter’s head. Next time you create, think about what makes you smile and bring it to life!


3. Cottagecore creativity

3. @bumpkin_artstudios artwork of a mushroom with frogs sitting on its red and white spotted cap, surrounded by stars


Image: @bumpkin_artstudios

Check out this cute drawing of frogs on a mushroom! It really embodies the trending art style and subculture that is cottagecore. If you find yourself drawn to a certain fashion or style, or you just love a cute theme, have a go at creating artwork that expresses your favourite things!


4. Draw some buddies

4. @ursa.crafta artwork of a watercolour  yellow chick and a green frog


Image: @ursacrafta

Why not draw a dynamic duo? Give your green frog a friend and create an artwork that warms the heart. This watercolour illustration is perfect for capturing the cuteness of these little buddies.


5. Storybook style

5. @snolisify  illustration of a frog sitting on lilypads with a lily flower in the background and stars above the frog


Image: @snolisify

Take a journey back to your childhood and draw inspiration from storybook illustrations to create yourself a froggy character. This illustration style is so sweet and uses watercolour to create a comfy energy with gentle hues and linework. 


6. Capture a convo

6. @josephgrzart acrylic artwork of two frogs, with one on a lilypad and the other in water, having a conversation


Image: @josephgrzart

You may want to tell a story with your art to deliver a punchline or give your characters context. This frog cartoon includes speech so we can see the silly antics of these froggy friends. It’s a cute idea to make creating fun and engaging for you and anyone who sees your art!


7. Expressions

7. @plyunn artwork of a green frog with its eyes squinted and a purple outline


Image: @plyunn

Why not characterise your picture of a frog by giving the critter a fun expression? This froggo is teaming with judgement as he squints his eyes at the viewer, and we love it! What a creative spin on drawing a frog.


8. Pop culture

8. @camielul artwork of a green frog with big eyes and a red mouth wearing a shirt with burgers on it - titled 'BURGER'


Image: @camielul

Why not tie in some popular culture references to your artwork to make it relatable to your audience? This artwork is a play on Pepe the Frog (a meme from the mid-2000s), drawing on references to fast food and selfie sticks to bring him into the modern era. Simply titled, ‘BURGER’, this piece shows us to not take art too seriously and have some fun when creating.


9. Frog on a branch

9. @montmarteart artwork of a green frog sitting on a branch with yellow feet, belly, and eyes


Image: @montmarte

Think about what background you might want to add to your amphibian artwork to set the scene. By creating dimension with a background and a foreground, the frog leaps off the page! It can be fun to play with composition when creating to make interesting effects.


10. Mixed media

10. @pellycreatives mixed media artwork of a frog on a rainbow watercolour background


Image: @pellycreatives

Exploring different mediums is an awesome way to shake up your approach to capturing a frog’s likeness. Creating texture and layers in your art can bring movement to your froggy or its background, drawing the eye to interesting details.


11. Personification

11. @mardelleart colourful artwork of green frog drumming as he walks with a rainbow leafy background


Image: mardelleart

Level up your frog friend by personifying the critter. That’s when you give human characteristics to something non-human – like a frog playing drums! This can be such a great technique to use when bringing something you love to life through art. It’s silly and magical and so fun to look at.


12. Different shapes

12. @lilnatureart painting of 3 green frogs amongst water reeds and lily pads


Image: @lilnatureart

Have a go at a few different shapes and styles of frogs to get a feel for your own style. Maybe they have wide eyes, or maybe they have round bodies – it’s up to you to sketch and discover. You may even want a few different froggy characters with different features, who knows?


13. Four’s a crowd

13. @james_powell_art painting of four green frogs stacked on top of another with orange feet and a white textured background


Image: @james_powell_art

Why not include a few different subjects into your work to play with facial expressions? Having your froggies interact is a great opportunity to bring comedy and characterisation to the page. You can tell which frogs are bearing the weight in the stack by the way the artist has painted their eyes and bodies.



Fingers crossed this collection of amphibian art has inspired you and the whole fam to create some froggy masterpieces. 😊 We hope you get creative and have a go experimenting with all sorts of styles, colours, and characterisations.


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