28 Aug 2020Mont Marte

Whether you’re thinking about trying out gouache or you already love it, a little bit of inspo never goes astray. And with its popular appeal, there’s plenty to go around. Below are just a few of our favourite gouache painting ideas from artists around the world.

1. Oceanscapes
Ocean artwork painted in gouache with gouache tubes around it.

Image: Flawedart

Get those cool colours out and create a serene oceanscape. The great thing about gouache is that you can create solid blocks of colour or play around with watercolour effects by adding a splash of good old H2O.

2. Destinations
A blue door near the seaside painted in gouache with gouache paint tubes on either side.

Images: Art Avenue


Is there a place you’ve been daydreaming about lately? You might not be able to jump on a plane right now, but you can transport yourself there by recreating it with gouache. Give it a go and find your happy place.


3. Clouds
Hand holding a gouache artwork of clouds on kraft paper.

Image: Ink by Madras

The great thing about clouds is that they’re constantly changing. That means you have an endless source of inspiration – all you need to do is look up.


4. Plants
A gouache artwork of a leaf laying on a black table.

Images: Niharika Jha

If you’re a plant lover, this one’s for you. You can make it as simple or detailed as you like – gouache is great for both blocks of colour and the finer details.


5. Houses
A gouache painting of a pink house.

Sometimes you don’t even need to look beyond your front door for inspiration. We love these gouache paintings by Jennifer Orkin Lewis and think you’ll have a lot of fun creating one of your own.

6. Flowers
Hand holding a framed gouache artwork of flowers.

Image: Megan Carter

Do you want to create some DIY décor to brighten up your room? A gouache flower painting is a beautiful addition to any home! We love the style and colours used in this piece by Megan Carter.

Feeling inspired? Grab some gouache and start painting. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just put brush to paper and see what happens.

We love seeing what people are creating, so feel free to post your work and tag us using @montmarteart oInstagram or Facebook and we’ll keep an eye out.