22 Mar 2022Mont Marte

Wanting to decorate the walls with your favourite art, but don’t know where to start? We chose 10 different gallery wall pictures to help inspire your next decorative project.

1. Stacking your shelves
Colourful home with pink curtain and framed artworks full of colour and character.

Mix wall art and storage space with some decorative shelves! Bring out your art collection, framed or unframed, and stack them side by side or layer them. The best part of this is mixing colours or art styles that wouldn’t normally go together – that’s what makes it eclectic!

2. Monochrome art decorations
Gallery wall of black and white monochrome mountains framed on a white wall in black frames.

An easy way to keep your wall art looking consistent is with black and white paintings or photos. This style is great because you won’t ever have to worry about whether or not your prints will match! Monochrome art also looks great on feature walls as it doesn’t clash with any colours.

3. Art from floor to ceiling
Colourful artwork hanging on walls above a small window and a blue trolley with art supplies on the side.

Create a gallery wall inside your workspace! Surrounding yourself with colourful art can really get the inspiration flowing. From the paint at your feet, to the canvases travelling up the wall, this is as arty as it gets.

4. Bring the zoo to you!
Glass animal portraits in a realistic painting style hanging on a white wall.

Gallery walls are fun for every room. Have you thought about making one in the nursery? Find some animal art prints for your little ones to adore, and hang them on the wall in different frames! Kirsten from @kookookachooart uses both wood and metal frames to get a fresh but fun result.

5. Different art styles
Wall with different sized artworks of various styles.

Some gallery walls are made to show off all your interests. Artist @jvilla.art took this snapshot of his favourite paintings from all kinds of artists. From personified animal prints to classic art and photography, this gallery wall inspires us to put our personality on our walls.

6. Dedicate a corner to decor
A white wall with various artworks of greyscale and colour hanging on the wall.

There are many ways you can decorate nooks and crannies to make them feel like home. We love the idea of decorating a corner of your room! Use different sized artwork to bring the space to life, and different colours will also help to catch your eye.

7. Border your furniture
Eclectic house with wooden furniture and colourful bird artworks hanging around the hutch.

Not a fan of white space? Block out your empty walls with more art. Simply border your furniture to cover over any gaps. You can play around with frame sizes to fill up trickier spaces, or even use strings and garlands.

8. Bringing out a colour!
White wall with abstract yellow and black leopards, eyes, palm trees and shapes hanging on the wall.

If you have a favourite colour, show it off on your walls! Colourful wall art makes an empty space look modern, and the bright hues also look great in a nursery – or even a kitchen.

9. Keeping it simple
Four small lily pad paintings hanging on a white wall with books stacked close by.

You don’t need to fill your whole wall to achieve a gallery inspired look. Even some smaller prints or paintings will do the trick! Your pictures can match each other if you want to keep it simple, or keep the design but mix up your art in the frame. Either way, it looks great!

10. Colourful portrait wall
Colourful abstract portraits on a wall near a bright yellow chair and a green arm chair.

If you’re someone who loves to recognise the faces on your wall, try a portrait wall like this idea from unassigned_gallery. With so many different styles of portrait painting to explore, and the faces of family and friends, you’ll end up with a really expressive and impressive result.

Which gallery wall are you going to recreate? We can’t wait to see how it turns out. Don’t forget to #montmarteart or tag @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook.