15 Feb 2022Mont Marte

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming, wishing you were somewhere else? A landscape painting can transport you there, without the pricey plane ticket. If you need some inspiration for your next landscape, check out these top landscape painting ideas.

1. Stained glass optical illusions
Colourful stained glass optical illusion of a Canadian landscape by Shelley Newman.


Ever been to Canada? No need – let the Canadian landscape come to you. This oil painting is called ‘Lost and Found’ and uses a painting style that resembles stained glass. How cool is that?

2. Blue skies in daylight
Bright blue abstract landscape with impasto layers and orange flowers that are made from a palette knife by Carly Gordon.


When all other inspiration runs dry, look up! This landscape oil painting makes us want to bring out the pattern of the sky for our next artwork. There are so many shapes and colours you can create, and adding texture can make your highlights pop.

3. Acrylic mountains
Abstract mountain landscape on canvas with a small red tent and campfire in the foreground.


Mountains are motivating! This scenic slice of nature looks amazing on canvas and is a great way to play with shadows. Plus the small tent and camp fire makes for a nice warm feature.

4. Impressionistic park scene
Abstract colourful impressionist cityscape inspired by Leonid Afremov.

Colour can create some amazing effects when you experiment with texture and light. This Leonid Afremov inspired park painting sets the scene for an evening walk in the park. Want to give this painting a go? Watch our lesson here.

5. Little houses
Painting of an old cottage style house near a lake painted on canvas by Tammatha Cooper.


If you love to stop and stare at a building on your daily walk, why not paint it? Their basic shapes are easy to make and the art looks great on your wall.

6. Road trip inspiration
Artist Kristine Cooper standing in a large field, holding a colourful, large abstract painting of a landscape.


Would you paint your favourite road trip? Kristine Cooper says a trip to Bend in Oregon, inspired this painting. “The client I painted this for fell in love with the Deschutes River, mountains, and varying trees here.”

7. Countryside starscape
A painted canvas of a blue sky with small stars and green mountains underneath, canvas sits on a wooden board.


For a fun spin on a basic landscape, try setting your paintings at different hours of the day (or night). Just by adding stars and the moon, this countryside painting sparkles!

8. Forest sky and campfire
Acrylic painting of a camp fire in the forest at night with stars in the sky and a moon crescent in the corner, painted on canvas..


Light up your night-time landscape with a campfire! This warm fire setting lights up the night scene, and creates some dramatic play between the foliage and darkness. Just waiting for some campers, this painting makes for a great piece of landscape wall art.

9. Countryside curved canvas
A large circular canvas with an abstract green landscape made with layers and a palette knife by Carly Gordon.


Get creative and let the shape of your canvas change the way your painting looks. When using a curved surface, why not warp your image so that it follows the curve? This piece gives the highs and lows of hills a whole new feel!

10. Bring in the waves
Painting of a wave crashing.


Head to the beach with our Water Mixable Oil seascape painting! To create waves with oil-based paints, let your brushstrokes mimic the water’s flow. You can even use highlights to give your waves more definition. It’s easier than it looks – check out the tutorial here and let us know how you went.

11. Abstract nature inspiration
An abstract linen painting of navy, gold and white paint next to a vase of native flowers and a chair.


Perfect is boring – so why not try an abstract landscape painting? Abstract art is meant to be different to its visual reference. Use shapes and lines freely, and have fun! You can’t go wrong with this art style.

12. Light up your sunset
A palette of red and yellow paint next to a small canvas of a sunset landscape of red and white.


Sunsets are really fun to paint, because you get to try out a range of new colours for your skyline. We love how this artwork brings a sunset to life with a strip of decorative lightbulbs.

13. Australian outback art
An abstract landscape on a canvas standing on a rural Australian property.


When looking for art inspiration, how about painting outback Australia? There’s a whole lot of beauty in our vast lands, and @jayde_chandler_art knows how to bring it to light!

14. Sunset on the seascape
A realistic ocean at sunset, of pinks, blues and yellows painted on acrylic standing on an easel.


Ready to give another seascape a go? Experiment more colours and let the sunset reflect onto your waves! The eye-catching hues will add a whole new depth to your piece.

15. Nature polaroid paintings
Two strips of three different delicate nature paintings, painted on a book page to look like polaroid photos.


Want to do a scenery painting but don’t have the time to fill up an entire canvas? Polaroid style paintings are fun and quick to make. You can play around with loads of different landscape styles too!

Inspired to dive into landscape painting? We can’t wait to see what you create. Don’t forget to #montmarteart or tag @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook!