02 Dec 2022Mont Marte
Whether you’re a ‘get in early’ shopper or a ‘leave it to the last minute’ type, Christmas shopping is always tricky. We’ve done the hard yards and rounded up some of our top picks so you can get everyone ticked off your shopping list with our Mont Marte Christmas gift guide. 

1. SuperCell Pouring Paint Kit 67pc Premium


There’s no doubt that good gift ideas for creatives can be tricky to find. No matter where they are on their journey, this one’s sure to be a crowd-pleasure. The SuperCell Pouring Paint Kit 67pc has everything they’ll need to try their hand at fluid art. With a range of pre-mixed pouring paints that are specially formulated to create instant cells, this kit is great for fuss-free creating. With pouring cups, varnish, canvases, a brush and handy instructions, they can get started and try a range of pouring techniques straight from the box!

2. SuperCell Pouring Paint Kit 23pc Premium

Looking for something smaller? The SuperCell Pouring Paint Kit 23pc is the younger sibling of the larger kit but still packs a punch. This introductory set is a great creative stocking stuffer that has everything they need to hone their pour paint skills. With pre-mixed pouring paints, canvases, a pouring cup, mixing sticks and handy instructions, they won’t be left in the dark when it comes to trying fluid art for the first time. Plus, the SuperCell formula means they’ll be able to create stunning cells in their pour paintings, every time!

3. Crafters Colour 48pc x 60ml Set Discovery

Crafters Colour Discovery 48pc x 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
Spoil the crafter in your family with this wide variety of colours! Whether it’s a mum, dad, aunty, niece, or nephew, we reckon they’ll be amazed at this range of 48 quick drying colours. From gold to green and everything in between, these water-based paints dry to a matte finish, and they can be used on a range of craft projects and surfaces like paper, card, wood, MDF, plaster, clay, styrene and canvas. How good’s that?!

4. Vivid Colours Acrylic Paint Set 80pc x 3.5ml Signature

Vivid Colours Acrylic Paint Set Signature 80pc x 3.5ml.
This is a great Christmas gift for budding artists or for those who love creating and making. Let their imagination run wild and tick them off your shopping list too, with this 80-piece acrylic paint set. They’ll have every colour under the rainbow (and more!) at their reach with this all-in-one set.

5. Acrylic Colour Paint Set 48pc x 36ml Signature

Acrylic Colour Paint Set Signature 48pc x 36ml (1.2 US fl.oz)

Whether you’re playing secret Santa or the man in red himself, this Acrylic Colour Paint Set is a great go-to gift idea for anyone looking to start their next project. These acrylic paints dry quickly to a semi-matte finish and have a good coverage and creamy texture, plus with 48 different colours, the colour combinations are endless in this set.

6. Dimension Acrylic Paint Set 36 pc x 37ml Premium

Dimension Acrylic Premium 36pc x 37ml (1.25 US fl.oz)
 If you’re struggling to find something for the one who already has everything, we’ve got you. Let them reach a new dimension in their art and pick up the Dimension Acrylic Paint Set. This 36-piece set includes the best of the best in our Dimension range, that’ll keep them experimenting all year long. This acrylic’s thick consistency holds its shape when dry and it’s the perfect tool for creating texture and effects when painting.

7. Water Mixable Oil Paint Set 36pc Premium

Water Mixable Oil Paint Set Premium 36pc x 18ml (0.6oz).

Looking for a gift for budding artists? Get them well on their way to creating with oil paints, with this Water Mixable Oil Paint Set 36pc. These paints are fabulous, because they work and look like traditional oil paints but best of all, they don’t need chemical solvents to work! Mix them with water and enjoy their thickness and satin finish or use them alongside gouache and acrylic paints. Plus, these oils can be used with linseed-based mediums or turpentine, so they’ll have the choice to use them whichever way works best!

8. Metallic Acrylic Colour Paint Set 36pc x 36ml Signature

Metallic Acrylic Colour Paint Set Signature 36pc x 36ml (1.2 US fl.oz)

If you’re looking to add some Christmas sparkle, why not pick up this Metallic Acrylic Colour Paint Set for your nearest and dearest. Each acrylic paint in the set has good coverage, a nice creamy texture and dries to a metallic finish. Let them spark their creativity with the 36 colours to choose from.

9. Acrylic Paint Pens Broad Tip 48pc Signature

Whether they’re a keen drawer, decorator or creative, these acrylic paint pens are a great Christmas gift, that they’ll reach for all year round. With 48 bright colours, that are fast drying and have a nice semi-matte finish, these paint pens combine the ease of a marker with the vibrancy of acrylic paint. Plus, they’re suitable on canvas, ceramic, glass, plastic, concreate and stone. Say no more!

10. Portrait Acrylic Paint Pens Broad 12pc Signature

Portrait Acrylic Paint Pens Broad Signature 12pc
If they’re more into portrait work, why not pick up a pack of our Portrait Acrylic Paint Pens this Christmas? With a variety of 12 skin tones, these paint pens can create both crisp lines and bold linework. With these, they’ll be well on their way to creating their own vibrant portrait art. Or grab a pack and gift them to yourself, we don’t blame you!

11. Make n Bake Polymer Clay Set Signature 75pc

If you’re looking for something for the teens or tweens, we reckon the Make n Bake Polymer Clay Set will be a winner this Christmas. Inside they’ll find everything they need to create their own keychains, badge bases and phone hangers – all from polymer clay! With clay tools and instructions, there’s plenty of help along the way too.

12. Drawing Ink Set Signature 16pc

If you’re looking for quick inexpensive gifts for co-workers who love to draw, this one’s for you! Our Drawing Ink Set 16pc Signature is a great gift they’ll want to use time and time again. With 12 vibrant colours of water-based ink, plus a luxe glass dip pen, ink well, pen rest and paint brush, they’ll be super impressed with your gift for years to come! Or who knows, you might even become the boss’ favourite!

13. Calligraphy Pen Set 31pc Signature

Calligraphy Pen Set Signature 31pc
If you’ve got a keen scrapbooker, crafter or journaler to shop for, try this Christmas gift idea. This 31 piece calligraphy set has everything they need to try their hand at handwriting and calligraphy. Featuring 20 ink cartridges, four calligraphy pens, five nib grades, a pump for bottled ink, and an introduction booklet, they’ll have everything they need to perfect their penmanship.

14. Sketching Set in Wooden Box 21pc Signature

Sketching Set in Wooden Box Signature 21pc

Sharpen your pencils, because this one is for the drawers. This Sketching Set has everything anyone needs at their fingertips for creating their next masterpiece, sketch or rough draft. Featuring graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal sticks, graphite sticks, a paper stump, sand block, sharpener, an eraser and even a kneadable eraser. Best of all, it’s all combined in a solid pine box for added storage and protection. If they love drawing, this is a great last minute Christmas gift idea.

15. Poster Paints 24pc x 60ml Set

Looking for something extra for your little artist? Our Poster Paint Sets are great creative stocking stuffers, that they’ll be able to play with all year long. Including 24 vibrant colours, these tempera-style paints are washable, fast-drying, great for little hands and are non-toxic. Your little one will love creating with these paints on poster board, cardboard, paper or butcher’s paper and the colours are easy to mix and blend.

So, whether you’re looking for something extra or just on the lookout for last minute Christmas gift ideas for kids, this set will be a real hit. Plus, it’s easy to wrap (you can thank us later!)

We hope you found something for your friends and family in our Christmas gift guide. If you need some more inspiration or want to browse the range for yourself, be sure to check out our latest Christmas arrivals and shop in store or online now!