07 Apr 2022Mont Marte
All Levels DIY Drawing Less than 1hr

Create an abstract face print t-shirt with fabric markers

Let’s face it, drawing and designing doesn’t have to be tricky, in this project, we’re showing you how to create an abstract face print t-shirt with fabric markers. So draw it, decorate it, then wear it!

Lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface and pop a sketch book through the inside so the marker doesn’t bleed through.

Fold and tape the bottom, neck and the sleeves up so you have a workable space.

Turn the shirt over and get creative!

To draw the abstract face, draw a curved line for a nose and chin.

Strengthen the line by going over it with a marker, then add a curved brow.

Draw a lash line and add some wispy lashes.

Draw a small 3 shape for lips.

Add a circle for a cheek and colour this in.

Continue adding your face pattern using different colours.

Strengthen any lines for definition.

Remove the tape once you've finished.

All done!

Material List

  • Dual Tip Fabric Markers Signature 24pc

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