09 May 2024Milly Scott
Craft Easy Sculpting and Modelling

Easy clay flowers

Polymer clay rose tutorial

Pink polymer clay rose sculpted on a skewer

-    Mix approx. 1 part Scarlet with 2 parts Titanium White to create a pink clay mixture

-    Create 16 balls of clay and press them onto the plate in a circular shape

-    Wrap a small piece of pink clay around the blunt end of a skewer to create a cone-shape

-    Build up the petals by wrapping them around the cone, leaving a small gap between each petal

-    Press a small 4-point star made of Basic Green clay onto the bottom of the flower to complete the rose


How to make a clay poppy

Pink polymer clay poppy sculpted on a skewer

-    Create 6 equal-sized balls of clay (approx. 1cm in diameter) 

-    Flatten them into circular shapes

-    Overlap the petals equally to form a poppy shape, pressing the central point where they meet

-    Insert a skewer through the centre of the flower

-    Press one small ball of clay onto the top of the flower and another up through the skewer, sandwiching the flower petals between them

-    Mix Scarlet and Basic Green to create a dark brown for the anthers 

-    Place them evenly around the stamen to finish the poppy


Polymer clay daisy

Pink polymer clay daisy sculpted on a skewer

-    Roll out a tube of Titanium White clay and cut it into equal-sized pieces to create the petals

-    Roll each piece into a cone shape and then  flatten them 

-    Arrange the petals in a circular shape to form the daisy

-    Create a small ball of Basic Green and another of Lemon Yellow clay

-    Thread the green ball onto a skewer and push it through the centre of the flower

-    Press the yellow ball onto the flower and the green ball underneath

-    Use the skewer to create indentations in the yellow ball for the flower’s centre


Oven bake clay instructions

-    Preheat the oven to 130°C (266°F)

-    Cut an apple in half and place it in the centre of the plate

-    Insert the skewers into the apple, ensuring the flowers are not touching

-    This will keep them upright and in shape while they bake

-    Bake for 30 minutes, then turn off the oven, open the door, and allow the flowers to cool

  • Polymer Clay in Lemon Yellow, Titanium White, Basic Green, and Scarlet
  • Oven-safe plate
  • Small wooden skewers
  • Apple
  • Baking paper (optional)

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