06 Feb 2023Mont Marte
Craft DIY Drawing Inks

Create an easy DIY Valentine’s Day card

Start by tearing off the binded area of the paper and folding it in half. 

Draw a heart in the corner and colour it in using a combination of Mauve, Lilac and Magenta. You can use water to blend the two colours together. 

Add a smaller heart beside it. 

Then, draw a larger heart in the opposite corner. Add the three colours for a gradient effect. 

Add a smaller heart beside it. 

Wipe the excess ink from the brush. Using the dip pen as a rest, splatter ink on the paper with the brush. 

Using the dip pen, write your message in Gold ink. 

Once dry, add your message to the inside. 

All done!


  • PMNK0004 Drawing Ink Set Signature 16pc
  • MSB0123 Watercolour Book Discovery A5 (5.8 x 8.3in) 30 Sheets 190gsm

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