27 Oct 2011Mont Marte Blog

Create dinosaurs with modelling clay

Travel back in time to create a Dinosaur diorama.

Step 1: Shaping the Body

The first step is to knead three strips of purple clay together into a ball. Then pinch off 4 little bits and roll them into equal sized balls. From the remaining clay create the body, head and tail by tapering your ball either end. Square the head by pinching it with your fingers.

Step 2: Making and Attaching the Legs.

Place the 4 balls on the table in a square and gently push the body of the dinosaur onto the clay balls to create the legs.

Step 3: Refining your Sculpture.

For the eyes, create a hollow on either side of the head with a crescent shaped Modelling Tool. Now roll up a little ball of white and push it in to the hollow, create a smaller ball out of Black and push it in to the White. Finally add a tiny little ball of white as a highlight. Then make some spots of colour and toe nails from little pink balls and gently squash them flat on to your dinosaur.


Step 1: Shaping the Body.

Knead three strips of of Green clay together into a ball. Then pinch off 2 little bits and 2 medium bits. From the remaining clay, create the body, tail and head similar to the Brontosaurus, but with a smaller body and larger head.

Step 2: Making and Attaching the Legs.

With the 2 medium sized bits create 2 tapered cylinders. Flatten them at the thick end and fashion them in to an ‘S’ shape. Press one onto each side of the body to create the legs. Now with the remaining 2 bits, create 2 small cylinders about 1 centimetre long and gently press them into the body. Then create the eyes the same way as you did with the purple dinosaur.

Step 3: Refining your Sculpture.

For the markings add thin brown stripes from worm shapes pressed on to the back of your T Rex.

You see how easy it is! Now you have the fundamental skills, you should be able to create anything you like out of Mont Marte Modelling Clay.

Material List

  • MMKC0176 Modelling Clay 400g (14.1oz) 24pc
  • MMSP0002 Clay Tool Set Signature 11pce
  • MMSP0003 Mini Modelling Tools Signature 10pc

You Will Also Need 

  • Your imagination and hands!

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