09 Apr 2021Mont Marte

Create a geometric mountain drawing

Learn how to draw a mountain in a minimal geometric style with this quick video tutorial. Check out the material list and lesson below!

1. Creating the outline

Before drawing with the fineliners, begin with light construction lines.

Divide the page in half vertically then horizontally. Create a line 20mm above the horizontal line and another 20mm below it.

Create a triangle with a 100mm base. Measure 100mm up the centre line and create the sides of the triangle. Follow the same steps and create a triangle below the horizontal line.

Create a triangle beneath the horizontal line following the same steps. Create another triangle over the top triangle starting at the 20mm line. Then create a triangle from the 20mm line below the horizontal line. Draw in the mountains. Use a small washer as a template for the sun. Draw in the tree outlines.

2. Outline the mountains

Use a 1.0 fineliner to draw in the main line work of the triangles and the mountains.

3. Creating the geometric lines

Use the 0.3 fineliner to create the vertical lines behind the mountains and in the tree area in the bottom triangle.

4. Finishing the lines

Turn the sketchbook sideways and then create the lines on the mountains and the top and bottom triangles.

5. Final details

Thicken the line over the edge of the mountains. Erase any visible pencil lines to finish the drawing.

Material List

  • Graphic Fineliners Set Premium 7pc
  • Hardbound Sketch Book Signature 110gsm A4
  • Drawing Set Signature 8pc

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