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Create an ombre butterfly canvas

How To Create an Ombre Heart Butterfly Canvas

The materials for this lesson can be found at a Gold or above art centre. Go to to find the one nearest to you. PMHS0024 Mont Marte Studio Watercolour Painting set 26pce CMHT0040 Mont Marte Heard shaped Canvas 40cm MACR0026 Mont Marte Studio Foam Roller 100mm MACR0011 Mont Marte PVA Craft Glue 250gm MSB0063 Mont Marte A4 Watercolour Pad 180gsm MACR0004 Mont Marte Hobby Knife Set SK5 Blades 13pce Materials Lis t . . .

2. Tinting the watercolour sheets While the canvas is drying lay out 4 sheets of watercolour paper from an A4 180 gsm Mont Marte Watercolour Pad. Using a 26pce Studio Watercolour Painting Set, paint the sheets in the following colours; 1. Crimson. 2. Red. 3. Vermilion. 4. Orange. Let these dry. 1. Undercoating the heart. Lay the heart shaped canvas on a flat surface. Squeeze out some Paynes Grey, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre and some Raw Umber in equal proportions. Using a 100mm Studio Foam Roller, equally distribute the paint over the surface. Paint the edges also. Let this dry. 3. Cutting the butterfly template Using the last image in this PDF select the size butterfly you want. Tape this to a new sheet of blank watercolour paper. Using a hobby knife carefully profile cut to the edge of the silhouette Peel off the image sheet and discard the inside of the butterfly. You will now be left with a negative butterfly shape. Note: Exercise caution in cutting out template. 1 2 3

In step 3 the use of a hobby knife is required. If you are not yet an adult you will have to get an adult to do this stage for you. If you are an adult great caution must be exercised. Remember the golden rule to always cut away from your person. Step 5. Applying the Butterflies Now for the fun part! Applying the butterflies. Arrange your butterflies into 4 lots of each colour. Squeeze out some Mont Marte PVA Craft Glue and apply a small dab to the underside of the body region, and gently press it on to the canvas. Position the butterflies at slightly differing angles and ensure that the Orange colour is at the bottom then the Vermilion, Red and lastly the Crimson butterflies at the top of the canvas. 1 4. Cutting the butterflies Place the template of the butterfly on your painted watercolour sheets. Using a sharp pencil follow the internal profile of the butterfly, thereby transferring the shape on to the painted sheet. Fill the sheet with as many butterflies as you want. The next step is to cut each butterfly out with a pair of scissors. Once the butterflies have been cut out, slightly bend each wing. 4 5

Material List

  • Heart Canvas Signature 40 x 40cm (15.8 x 15.8in)
  • Watercolour Painting Set Discovery 26pc
  • Watercolour Pad German Paper Premium A4 180gsm 15 Sheet
  • PVA Craft Glue Fine Tip 250gm
  • Foam Roller Discovery 100mm (3.9in)

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