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Create a pterosaur sculpture in polymer clay part 2

How to paint a Pterosaur Sculpture

The materials for this lesson can be found at a Gold or above Art Centre. Go to to find the one nearest to you. BMHS0014 Mont Marte Acrylic Brushes 4pce MCG0022 Mont Mart Tear off Paper Palette PMSA0010 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Titanium White PMSA0004 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Lemon Yellow PMSA0006 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Phthalo Blue PMSA0018 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Paynes Grey PMSA0024 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Yellow Pink PMSA0005 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Yellow Ochre PMSA0015 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Burnt Sienna PMSA0016 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Raw Umber PMSA0011 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Lamp Black PMSA0001 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Crimson Red MPOW0035 Mont Marte H2o Water Mixable Oil Paint Burnt Sienna MAXX0019 Mont Marte Plastic Brush Washer Also required: Water Tissues Materials List.

When dry brushing it is very important to limit the a mount of paint on the brush so the paint only comes into contact with the outside edges of the sculpture. A good technique is to dip the brush into the paint then wipe the excess paint off onto a paper towel. Y ou can then be sure your brush is dry enough. 1. Undercoating The first step is to undercoat our model. Squeeze out some Ivory Black, Paynes Grey, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White. First paint the Black onto the back of the neck, the back, down the limbs and the wings. Paint Black into the head area arount the eyes and over the beak. Next, create a light grey mix from Titanium White, Yellow Ochre and a touch of Paynes Grey and paint in the front of the neck and underbelly. Ensure the paint gets into all the nooks and crannies. Let the coats dry throughly. 2 Drybrushing The dry brushing is carried out in a number of touches. For the first touch, squeeze out some Raw Umber and lightly drybrush over the whole model except the front of the neck and underbelly. For touch 2 squeeze out some Burnt Umber and follow the same procedure but use a drier brush. For touch 3 create a mix from Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre in equal proportions and follow the same procedure but use an even drier brush so that the paint comes into contact with only the very top parts of the model. Only take the paint up to the top of the legs. The final touch is pure white over the light grey on the front of the neck and the under belly. 2 1

3. Glazing In this step we use Burnt Sienna H20 Water Mixable Oil Paint to glaze over certain parts of the model. Apply it over the highpoints of the legs and over the feet. Apply it thicker over the wing membranes to suggest the glow from the light. 1 4. Detailing Most of the body of the Pterosaur is painted so now we have to add the details as follows: 1. Titanium White on the inside of the legs. 2. Drybrush the cheek with Crimson Red. 3. Yellow/Pink around the head region. 4. Turquoise over the crest, head and drybrush over the eyes. 5. Turquoise spots moving from the head, transitioning down the back of the neck. 6. Crest painted Ivory Black. 7. Burnt Umber glazed over the black crest. 8. Beak painted with a mix of Yellow Ochre and Titanium White. 9. Yellow Pink drybrushed around the eyes 10. Yellow painted into the eye ball. 3 4 Oil paint is great to use on models as it can be easily wiped off if too much is put on. Acrylic paint drys very quickly and can be speed dried with a hair drier between coats.

5 5. Creating the enviroment To create the enviroment, first draw in a perimeter line around the model. Squeez out some glue onto the base inside the line and spread it out as evenly as you can. Push the glue into all the little nooks and crannies with a small brush. Sprinkle sand onto the wet glue and let it dry. Blow off the excess sand once the glue is dry. In this project sand is used on the base but fine gravel could also be used. If you wish to add foot prints or trackways you can model these first with modlling paste. Allow this to dry and then sprinkle on the sand.

Material List

  • Water Mixable Oil Paint 37ml (1.25oz) - Burnt Sienna
  • Plastic Brush Washer Signature
  • Acrylic Brushes Signature 4pc
  • Tear-off Paper Palette Signature 50gsm 36 Sheet

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