19 Apr 2024Mont Marte
Acrylic DIY Painting

DIY bohemian art

Using modelling paste

Bowl on modelling paste canvas with carved sun rays radiating

-    Spread Modelling Paste evenly over the top half of the canvas where the sun will go (approx. 3mm/0.12in thick)

-    Place your bowl in the middle

-    Use a clay modelling tool to carve sun ray lines coming from the bowl

-    Wipe the tool clean between rays


How to model mountains

Modelling paste sunset behind mountains landscape

-    Apply the first faraway mountain range with the offset palette knife

-    Make sure the edges are sharp as you smooth out the surface

-    Finish smoothing with a damp wide brush

-    Add in the other mountain ranges, creating four in total

-    Let the modelling paste dry overnight


Landscape sculpting

3 cacti being sculpted with forks on mountain landscape modelling paste painting

-    Refer to the Outline Guide and draw in the cactus shapes

-    Put modelling paste inside the shapes, making the further cacti small and the closer ones larger

-    Smooth the surface

-    Use a fork to make the ridges on each cactus

-    Let everything dry fully (this may take a few days!)


How to paint mountains

Mauve and terracotta colour palette applied to sunset desert landscape

-    Start with the lightest mountain colour

-    Mix a warm grey using Titanium White, a touch of Red, and a touch of Burnt Umber

-    Carefully paint the first mountain range and every second sun ray

-    Mix in more red, Raw Sienna, and Burnt Sienna

-    Paint the second mountain range and the other sun rays

-    Adjust the mix again by adding Raw Sienna, Red, and a touch of Orange

-    Paint the third mountain range

-    Darken the mix by adding Burnt Umber and Orange

-    Paint the final mountain range


How to paint the desertGreen painted cacti on warm toned desert sunset landscape painting

-    Add more Orange to your paint mix and colour the sun

-    Mix Sap Green, Titanium White, and a touch of Phthalo Blue to make a green shade

-    Use this mixture to paint in the cacti


Remember to take your time and enjoy the painting process. Adjust colours and shapes as desired to create your unique boho painting!

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