26 Feb 2021Mont Marte

Draw wolves with oil pastels

This project could be done to a larger or smaller size and standard pastels could also be used. 1. Securing the paper. The first step is to secure a sheet of A4 watercolour paper to the table or work board. Use masking tape or clear tape for this.

2. Creating the background tint

Using the 75mm taklon brush dampen the paper with water. Create a colour from Medium Yellow, Ochre and Umber and apply it over the page. Don’t make this colour too dark. Allow it to dry. Don’t press too hard when the drawing is being retraced or it can cause a trench in the paper.

2. Painting the background

Divide the paper into 4 equal portions. Paint the top portion with Ultra Marine, the next portion with Sky Blue, the next with White, and the bottom portion with Orange. When you lay on these colours overlap each colour over the one before it slightly. This way blending a smooth transition between each colour will be easier. To blend the colours, fold a tissue into a soft square and gently blend the colours together using light pressure and horizontal movements. Keep going until you are happy with how the blend between each colour is.

3. Creating the moon

Use the image on page 7 and cut out the moon with scissors. Using the moon cut out as a tempelate, place it on the painting and use a white oil pastel to paint the circular shape. Lay the pastel on thicker around the edge of the template. Use your finger to smooth out the tone into the moon.

4. Painting the wolves

Take the other print out of the image on page 8 and colour the back of the page with the Black oil pastel. Place the printout Black side down and retrace the page with a pencil. This will transfer the black onto the page. Remove the printout and cover any areas that need covering.

Material List

  • Oil Pastels Signature 12pc
  • Watercolour Pad German Paper Premium A4 300gsm 12 Sheet

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