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How to: choose the right gesso

Black gesso
It'll come as no surprise that black gesso will give you a black canvas, but you might not know that it can also be used on paper, board and other semi-porous surfaces. Black gesso is great for dramatic contrasts and for adding interesting effects that regular gesso won’t, so if you’re dabbling in fluorescents or metallic paints, black gesso will work wonders for your project. 
Depending on the size of your canvas or board, apply black gesso with a taklon brush or foam roller.

White gesso
Not only a great primer, but white gesso can also be used to upcycle your old canvases, paintings or be used to prime painting boards, so if you have an old project that you’re looking to rework, this is the gesso for you. White gesso can also help reduce acidity levels of paper and wood, meaning your painting will look its best for much longer. 

For large projects you might find a foam roller handy to apply white gesso and a taklon brush for smaller projects. 

White texture gesso
If mixed media projects or dry mediums like pastels are more your cup of tea, then a white texture gesso is for you. This gesso provides an excellent surface to work with, making it great for mixed media projects and dry mediums like pastels. 
You can use a foam roller or taklon brush to apply the medium all over the surface. Once dry you’re ready to draw or paint over it. 

Clear textured gesso 
Believe it or not, gesso and drawing are compatible. Clear textured gesso is ideal for priming surfaces before drawing and keeping any outlines visible before painting. It can also be used to prime surfaces for dry mediums like pastels too.

For small areas, grab a taklon brush or for large areas, use a foam roller.

Ready to start? Check out our gesso range. Or if you like what you’ve seen, check out more of our how-tos here.

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