28 Oct 2023Mont Marte
DIY Drawing Painting Weekend project

How to colour match and create a food-themed textured artwork

Peanut Butter on toast step-by-step

Print out the reference sheet and transfer it by shading the backside. Now cut the plate shape out and tape it onto a round canvas. The linework can then be re-traced with a 2H pencil.

The piece of toast and knife are drawn on, so we know where to lay the linework. You might like to set some toast and a knife up to refer to.

To create the linework, use a rigger brush and ultramarine pouring paint.

Shadows can then be laid in with a light grey.

Now the knife and toast can be painted in.

We can then create a peanut butter colour from Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna and spread it over the toast.


Pesto on sourdough step-by-step

This next plate is a 70’s design. So, transfer the design in the same way that we did for the first plate, but with a graphite pencil.

Now, tint the canvas with a beige created from Titanium White and a touch of Burnt Umber. The line work should still be visible under the coat of paint.

The ring around the plate can then be painted in with Burnt Sienna. A slightly darker beige can be laid into half of the plate to give it some depth.

The colours on the design of the plate can then be laid in and then the outline of each element can be put in with Burnt Umber using a rigger brush.

The bread can be painted in with a beige made from Titanium White and Burnt Umber. To paint crust, darken the mix by adding more Burnt Umber. After the bread, light grey can then be painted in for a shadow effect.

Then, add some Titanium White onto the plate to suggest a shine.

To create the pesto, mix some Olive Green paint and Sand Texture Medium. Finally, spread it over the bread.


Scones with cream and jam step-by-step

To begin, draw a line 20mm inside the plate. Cover the centre with grey, allow to dry, and then lay a coat of Titanium White over the top.

The scones can then be drawn in and the sides painted with beige. The beige colour can then be lightened with white to paint the top of the scones.

To make the cream, use modelling paste tinted with a little dimension Cream Acrylic. To create the jam, tint Clay Varnish with crimson.  

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